Here’s the tale of 2 digital marketing newbies…

The names are made up, but they represent common experiences.

Sam is frustrated with his job and hears stories about those earning a living online.

He joins a bunch of email lists, plugs into some Facebook groups, and starts watching several popular Youtube channels.

Soon, he’s confused and overwhelmed.

But he pushes forward anyway. He buys a product that promises him push-button success with Facebook ads.

He dives into it, but it feels too difficult.

There’s too much stuff you have to learn!

So, he buys something about attracting traffic from Youtube instead.

As soon as he starts going through it, the overwhelm hits him again.

This isn’t what he signed up for. He wants passive income.

The cycle continues round and round.

A few years later, after thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars invested, Sam still has nothing to show for it.

He hasn’t found the holy grail of passive income yet.

Fred follows a similar path…at least in the beginning.

He isn’t all too happy with his job either…and he hears those same stories.

He joins those same lists, but he starts culling them.

He unsubscribes from those who promise ‘easy’ riches…and only pays attention to those who talk about providing value to a hungry buying audience.

He buys a couple of courses also.

But instead of getting frustrated by all the work involved, he commits to slowly moving forward.

He faces challenges and feels like giving up and finding an easier path.

But he’s run into obstacles before in other areas of life and understands the Internet is no different.

He buys other courses and studies more.

It’s difficult, but he begins developing a collection of skills including persuasion, email marketing, blogging, product creation, etc.

He outsources the tech work, because he finds that too confusing.

Even though he isn’t sure of himself, he starts providing value and infotainment to his chosen audience.

Over time, he communicates with them and begins to understand them better.

Fred attracts a small audience. A trickle of income begins flowing in. He reinvests it back into advertising.

His income grows. He adds more automation and outsources some of the work.

After a few years, he too has invested thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars. But he now has a steady income coming in, and a portion of it is now passive.

What’s the difference between Sam and Fred in this story?

Sam was too anxious for passive income to put in the manual work required to build systems that make passive income flow.

Fred found a hungry audience and began by providing value to them. He was able to slowly build on that with offers they wanted to buy.

He built active income…and turned a portion of it into passive income along the way.

Over the years I’ve seen many people who represented both Sam and Fred.

Be like Fred. Choose your audience. Begin providing value to them. Develop new skills. Make irresistible offers. Put systems in place.

Autoresponder Alchemy isn’t just about sending more profitable emails.

Oh, it will definitely help you do that. But it will also guide you to better understanding of your audience.

You’ll see how to make a connection with them.

Provide value. Share stories. Make offers.

The templates will improve your profits with email.

But the strategy behind the system is where the real money is.

Find out more here…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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