Is there a way to earn a consistent daily income online?

There sure is.

You’re looking at it right now.


Build a targeted list of your ideal customers and clients.

Communicate with them consistently.


Does that mean you have to mail every day?

No. I don’t.

I have clients who do mail every day, but I also have clients who mail a couple of times per week.

Both methods are profitable.

Frequency depends on your audience, your message, and your own style. There aren’t any ‘rules’ here.

What’s vital is delivering infotainment and connecting with your ideal buyers.

I love email. It set me free from a series of dead-end jobs in 1996. It empowered my little kitchen-table business and has been the secret behind my success for all these years.

That doesn’t mean you can’t connect with people in other ways either. Build up a social media following. Just don’t spread yourself too thin by trying to be ‘everywhere’.

Concentrate on your email list at the same. Then you’re never at the mercy of a social media platform that can change your reach on whim (Facebook has done that multiple times).

Give value. Entertain. Connect. Inspire. Motivate your audience to action.

Include links to your product and services.

Link to affiliate offers if you don’t have any of your own yet.

What products and services do you personally use and recommend?

Those little recommendations in your emails can bring in a consistent stream of income.

Combine email with a continuity program such as a membership, print newsletter, or SAAS (Software as a Service), and you can create a nice monthly income.

It soon becomes daily income as you have rebills happening every day of the month.

That’s your day-to-day money.

You can also run what I call money-on-demand offers.

These are specials with a hard deadline. It could be a new product/service you launch, a good discount off a current offer, or even a limited-time bonus.

Run them for 3 to 5 days. A new product launch might be 7 days.

Send multiple emails on the last day, because an irresistible offer will generate a flood of sales near the end, especially in the last 12 hours.

These cash surges bring in the money for new toys or investments.

I’ve personally been surprised at how quickly money can come in with a higher ticket offer.

I’ve seen offers sell for up to 10k with nothing more than email and a sales page (no webinars or phone calls attached). That kind of price point requires an email relationship, strong sales copy, and an irresistible offer.

Of course, like anything else in business, these results aren’t going to just fall on you.

You need to understand your audience. You need to create emails that connect. You need to know how to position yourself and your offers.

Those are a few of the pieces I talk about in Autoresponder Alchemy.

I often focus on the templates to help you create better emails faster, but this is a step-by-step course to earning more with email.

You’ll find strategies that help you grow your business outside of email as well (how deliver content that sells, how to position yourself for maximum value, and how to understand your audience).

Find out more here…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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