Are you ignoring the highest quality, most profitable leads in your business?

It’s easy to do. You get so caught up creating content, running ads, or putting together new offers that you forget where your highest value leads come from.

A story from my first membership site illustrates this well.

It had a section called the “Ad Diary”. That’s where I’d share marketing results from one of my campaigns or from a member who submitted their own. One week I might show a split test and reveal the winner. Another week might include the numbers from a recent ad.

One of those diaries was about an ad I purchased to an email list.

The results were dismal. I paid $700 and only attracted a few members. It had worked in other publications, but failed miserably with his list.

So, I couldn’t recommend advertising with him even though he published good online marketing information.

The list owner was member at the time.

He saw the diary. He wrote an email to his list about how he joined my membership, saw all the incredible content, and read the negative review about his own ads.

Even though he didn’t agree with my post, the content in my site was too good to miss.

He included his affiliate link to my membership.

Can you guess what happened?

Remember, advertising to his list was a loser for me.

His email attracted more than 110 new paid members in just a few days (more came in later).

His endorsement went out to the exact same email list I had advertised to a few weeks earlier.

The visitors hit the exact same sales page.

It was the same offer. The price was the same.

The only difference was his honest recommendation.

He pointed out a flaw in the membership (that ad diary result about his list), and recommended the membership anyway. That added serious credibility to his email.

Why did his email perform so much better than mine?

I bought an ad.

He referred his audience who already knew, liked, and trusted him.

His honest recommendation beat the pants off my advertising by over 30x.

Where do the highest quality, most profitable leads often come from?


He didn’t just ‘run an ad’ for an affiliate offer. He was a member. He invested time going through the membership himself. It wasn’t about slapping together a bunch of benefits and making quick money.

He wrote an email from his heart that connected with his audience.

What systems do you have in place to get referrals from your current customers?

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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