I LOVE to read!

That includes emails, physical books, Kindle books, transcripts, and courses.

In just the past couple of months I’ve read more than a dozen books about different subjects including business, investing, fitness, and fictional novels!

Often my love for reading can blind me to what the market wants.

That’s a rule I have to continually remind myself, “You are not your customer.”

Some of your customers prefer reading. Other like audio or video.

But none of these are the easiest info products to sell…nor do they sell at the highest prices. Sure, they can be components of an overall offer, but adding one additional component can bump up the sales and income considerably.

The easiest offer to sell is a done-for-you service.

In B2B markets for example, while the dentist may buy the course on how to generate more patients, he’d be willing to pay considerably more for someone to do it for him.

Several of my clients have started agencies where their team handles all the work for their customers.

They create the content, manage the websites, run the pay-per-click campaigns, handle the social media, etc. Or they may only provide one of these services such as my client who manages Facebook ad campaigns and landing pages for one specific niche industry.

But maybe you don’t want to run your own agency. Instead you want the freedom of running an information business.

Can you tap into the done-for-you component?

You definitely can.

A couple of clients sell ‘ad kits’ to their B2B markets. The kit contains the exact ads to run, letters to send out, or scripts to use to attract new clients.

They include audio & written training materials along with the course, but the primary reason customers BUY these $1,000+ products is to get the done-for-you tools that come in the kit.

Another client sells several kits designed for the business owner to train their team members.

His course includes DVDs, workbooks, and checklists for the team to use. Sounds like a normal course, right?

But the reason customers buy it isn’t to study it for themselves. Customers buy the course so they have a complete training program their team members can go through.

The business owner doesn’t need to study the course themselves! It saves them time by doing a better job of training their employees than they would do themselves.

All of my B2B clients’ most profitable products are based on a done-for-you type of theme.

But you can find ways to insert done-for-you components into most products.

For example, my Autoresponder Alchemy course includes a template guide of 80 of my emails…along with step-by-step instructions on how to modify each of the templates for your own audience and market.

Since the course is designed to work in any market, I couldn’t give emails you just ‘swipe’ and deploy as-is. That doesn’t work with email. But you can model the emails giving you a shortcut to your own profitable emails.

With a fitness product, you could include shopping lists, recipes, workout plans, and ways to customize the plan to fit your life.

In a hobby market like golf, you could create a guide that helps someone determine exactly what their weakness is, so they can concentrate on the drills that will help them improve their game. You also could look into software solutions such as range finders to help them on the course.

In home improvement, you could give the complete blueprints for projects they will build along with shopping lists to go with them.

You can include checklists and quick start guides in any market.

Always ask yourself how you can help your customers achieve results quicker and easier! And no matter how much you might be enamored with the information itself, your audience likely is looking for ‘tools’ that at least shortcut the process.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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