Why do some websites have copy that seems to go on forever?

Simple answer…because it works.

There is an old saying in direct response, “The more you tell, the more you sell.”

And it’s also said that copy can’t be too long, only too boring.

But it’s NOT right in all situations.

The length of your copy depends on 3 factors:

#1: The Customer

How well does the customer already know you and what you offer? If they already know, like, and trust you…more than 50% of the battle is already won.

How passionate are your customers about the subject? I’d likely read every word of a website that was called, “All About Terry Dean.” And you’d probably be the same way if it was about you. How well do you call out and speak directly to your audience?

#2: The Offer

The easier it is to explain the product, the less copy needed on your site.

That’s why information products often have the longest copy. As much as I love the information business, information is actually a harder sale to make. It requires people ‘learn’ something.

In fact, learn is such a negative word that we often try to avoid using it completely (replacing it with other words such as discover).

Price also makes a difference. That $10,000 offer is likely to have much more copy than the $10 offer. Someone isn’t going to invest $10,000 unless ALL their objections have been answered. They might toss in the $10 just because they’re curious about how well it works. The risk is minimal.

A free offer needs even less copy. Opt-in pages often have minimal copy…sometimes as short as a headline with a box to opt-in only.

#3: The Overall Funnel

Where is someone in your overall funnel?

Your copy will be MUCH shorter If someone just purchased a product from you and you’re now offering them an immediate discounted upsell on their purchase.

Some clients have products where the copy for their offer is close to 20 pages printed out, but the upsell version for the same offer would be under 2 pages total.

A customer has already purchased from you. You got them over that hump. All they have to do is click the button to add this to their order and they’ll be automatically charged.

The upsell page boils down to the essentials of reinforcing what a good decision they just made on their first purchase, sharing how this add-on can increase the value even more, and making an irresistible offer worth considerably more than the asking price.

How to “HIDE” the Copy

Just because you’re using long copy DOESN’T mean your website is packed with text.

You can hide long copy inside a video.

The page itself could have less than 100 words consisting of an order button, images that demonstrate the product, and a guarantee.

The majority of the message could be hidden inside a video anywhere from 30 seconds to 30 minutes.

Some ‘webinars’ are over 2 hours in length. That’s some seriously long copy!

You can also insert golden nuggets throughout your sales message which give value to someone’s life even if they don’t purchase your offer. You’ve made the advertisement useful itself.

The December issue of the Monthly Mentor Club was all about creating highly profitable video sales letters.

Several of my clients DOUBLED the conversion of their website once they changed from text to video.

And now you can access the exact same step-by-step system they used grab attention, build interest, make your offer, and close for maximum income.

And it’s currently still available in PDF format inside the Club…

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