Let’s keep this simple.

If you want to earn more online, concentrate on your email list.

That’s as simple and clear as I can say it. This is the discovery that first helped me create a full-time income online. And it’s still true today for the clients I work with in dozens of different industries.

Target an audience.

Entice them to join your list.

Follow-up on them consistently with contrarian content from a confident personality.

Make offers that help them solve their problems and reach their desires.

Let’s say it in an even simpler way.

Add more people to your list. Connect with them regularly. Send more offers.

This lesson is so easy to forget with all the distractions online.

If you had the opportunity to be a fly on the wall and spy on my conversations with six, seven, and eight figure clients, you’d be surprised at how often conversations come up about:

  • How they can add MORE new subscribers to their lists faster and at lower costs.
  • How they can improve their emails and build stronger relationships with their lists.
  • How they can run more profitable offers to their list.

Sure, we talk about team building, product creation, website conversion, social media, traffic, systems and more. But the most common subjects revolve around email.

That’s where the money is.

Use social media. Participate on Facebook. Grow your Twitter following. Publish a blog. Create Youtube videos. You can use all of these ways to interact with your audience, but don’t take your eyes off the money that is resident in your lists.

All of those tools are ways to grow and further interact with your list. You don’t own your Facebook platform. Facebook does. And that’s true of other social media tools. But they can help you grow your lists.

Your lists (both free subscriber & buyer lists) are some of the most valuable assets in your business.

In the October issue of the Monthly Mentor Club, I talk about how to attract more subscribers and turn them into customers with your lead magnet.

Which types of lead magnets multiply the number of subscribers coming in?

How can you create one quickly…no matter whether you’re promoting your own products/services or as an affiliate for others?

And how can you use your free gift as a ‘bridge’ that turns subscribers into buyers fast?

This is where one of the biggest mistakes is made.

What you give away and what you do immediately can generate the lion’s share of the profits you generate from your new list.

And almost everyone does this wrong…sabotaging their list, their profits, and their marketing.

The new issue will be mailing out on October 1st.

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Find out the proven system for adding more subscribers, turning them into customers immediately, and creating long-term value from your list.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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