The entry for most marketing funnels is the squeeze page. Use a short page with a strong promise and an ethical bribe such as a free report, audio, video, template, or cheat sheet.

Since this is the starting point, it’s also one of the points in your funnel where even small improvements can make a huge difference overall.

Below is a simple checklist to make sure your landing page is collecting the maximum number of email leads possible…

#1: Is Your Offer Enticing Enough to Pay For It?

Don’t just say, “Join my Email List.” Nobody needs more spam in their inbox. Instead, come up with an enticing free gift. This could be any form of free information such as a PDF, audio, video, template, cheat sheet, software, or even a consultation. The best gift is something people would willingly pay for if you offered it for sale. If they wouldn’t buy it, it’s not strong enough to be a winning subscription offer for your list.

#2: Call Out Your Audience

Do you call out your audience in a pre-head or make it obvious who your offer is intended for? You can’t appeal to everyone. And the more you try to be everything to everyone, the less you appeal to anyone specific. This not only applies to the text you use to call out your audience, but it also applies to images and even the design of the page. For example, if you’re targeting a female audience, then use testimonials from other women first on the page.

#3: Strong Attention Grabbing Headline

Invest the majority of your time on the headline. If you’ve targeted the right audience with the right offer, then it’s up to your headline to grab their attention. I’ll commonly write dozens of headlines. I’ll look through my ‘swipe files’ for headlines that have been successful in the past as possible models. When finished, I’ll bounce my headline ideas off another expert. And the headline is one of the first things I’ll split test on my landing page.

#4: Benefit + Curiosity

This applies to your headline, your offer itself, and any bullets on the page. You want to include both a benefit and curiosity. A benefit is what it does for them…the end results. The curiosity is your unique method of producing those results. You could produce curiosity with an intriguing story, a series of numbers, a weird trick, etc. You want them so curious they have to read more.

#5: Opt-in Form Above the Fold

“Above the fold” means the area someone sees before they have to scroll. You want it near the top so someone can take action without scrolling. It needs to be immediately obvious when someone lands on the page. You also need to be conscious of where the form appears for those on mobile. I’ve seen landing pages where the form almost completely disappears because it’s not a mobile responsive page and the form becomes hidden off to the right of the viewable portion.

#6: Make it Easy to Opt-In

Only ask for information that’s vital for the next steps in your campaign. Your highest number of conversions will occur by asking for email address only. Even adding first name can mute the response. Any additions to your form should be a major component on your follow-up. You integrate their name into the follow-up. Maybe you ask a question that you use to segment the audience. Make sure there is a marketing purpose for anything that reduces the upfront conversion.

#7: Design Consistent With the Rest of Your Funnel

The landing page is only the first step in your funnel. Make the design and colors consistent with the rest of your funnel. The next page they go to should match the initial design. If you have your logo on your page, keep it in the same spot on the thank you page. If your page is red and black, the thank you page should keep the same color scheme.

#8: Make the Button Obvious

It might make the page look prettier to have a call-to-action button that blends in with the background colors, but it can also sabotage your response. Your ‘subscribe’ button should stand out from the page. Use a contrasting color to the background or the box. Make it obvious while still fitting in with your overall design.

#9: Use Call-To-Action Text on the Button

Don’t run a button with the default text of “Submit.” Instead, use call-to-action text on the button itself such as, “Yes! Send Me the Free Report!” or “Download Now.” It’s all about getting them to take action and opt-in to your list.

#10: Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, & Disclaimers

Make sure you have links to your Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and any required Disclaimers for your market. Some advertising venues such as Bing and Google will even check out your Privacy Policy because you’re asking their visitors to opt-in.

#11: Limited Navigation

The highest converting landing pages have little or no navigation to other pages. They eliminate all distractions. It’s one simple decision. Claim your freebie or click the back button your browser. If you must have navigation, try to make it less obvious than the call-to-action. This is a situation where you would like it to blend in with the design of the site.

#12: Call Attention to the Call-To-Action

Any design elements should call attention to the opt-in area on the page. This includes photos or even arrows pointing to the subscribe button. Run your most attention grabbing photo right beside the box. You want to draw the eye toward your subscribe button.

#13: Credibility Statements

What proof can you add that you will fulfill on the promise you’re making? This includes any credibility statements about yourself. What have you personally accomplished? How long have you been helping people achieve their goals? Have you been featured on any media sources? You could tie in logos of companies you’ve worked with or media you’ve appeared on.

#14: Social Proof

Do you have any testimonials for your free gift, your email list, for youpersonally, or one of your products? While testimonials aren’t required on an opt-in landing page, they are something you can test for an increase in response. In addition to this, you can add social share buttons that show just how popular your page or site is.

#15: Test Your Form

Don’t forget to test your form! I’ve screwed this up and driven a lot of traffic to a page where the opt-in box didn’t work! So the first thing I always do when a client tells me they’re not getting opt-ins is to check out their box. Make this a step in your checklist every single time (even if you just copied a page you’re already using).

#16: Match Your Traffic Source

Check the requirements of any advertising source you’re using. For example, Facebook may require you to tone down your promises. They don’t like seeing before/after photos in Facebook ads themselves for weight loss which also makes me wary of using them on the immediate landing page. Adwords may want to see additional navigation options such as a page with content on it.

Check the requirements and make sure your page matches up.

And if you’re looking for a complete step-by-step system to make sure you have a free gift that’s guaranteed to attract more subscribers and buyers to your list, check out the upcoming October issue of the Monthly Mentor Club.

It’s all about the first step in your sequence…coming up with, creating, and optimizing your lead magnet for maximum list building and customer conversion.

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