Facebook often comes up first in any discussion about online advertising.

It’s quickly followed by Google Adwords which includes search ads, Google Display Network, and Youtube ads.

Youtube is one of my personal favorites for attracting higher quality leads than many other networks.

Then the discussion may continue onto Linkedin, Twitter, Taboola, BuySellAds or dozens of others.

Bing may get mentioned as an afterthought to Google…but rarely is it discussed on its own.

It’s the redheaded stepchild of the online advertising world.

When is the last time you saw someone promote a course about Bing?

Sure, Google is bigger. Bing reports they have 34% of the online search market.

But that also means they reach 63 million searchers that aren’t reached by Google Adwords.

And since they’re not discussed nearly as often, they have less competition.

In most markets the cost per click is less…sometimes significantly less.

Recently I was reviewing a client’s numbers who has a large monthly spend at both Google and Bing.

Here’s what was most surprising.

Google generates only a tiny bit more traffic than Bing for him. But Bing converts better. So he’s actually getting more conversions overall from Bing.

And conversions cost 22.4% less on Bing than Adwords.

More leads and sales for 22.4% less cost per conversion.

Yet his currently team spends more time and energy optimizing his Adwords account.

Usually Bing generates a lot less traffic (since they only have 34% of the online search market)…but that lower cost per conversion is pretty normal.

Less competition equals lower costs.

It’s pretty easy to get started if you already have an Adwords account. You can import your campaigns in right from Google (they even have an ‘import your campaigns’ option).

But what if you’re starting from scratch?

It may make sense to start your initial campaigns in Bing instead of Google.

This is especially true if you’re going after some high traffic keywords with expensive competition.

Remember, they do on average have less traffic…but cost less as well.

There’s a special report in the Monthly Mentor Club written specifically for getting started with Bing.

It’s called “How to Get Started With Bing Advertising Using Lateral Thinking…And Roll Out Your Advertising”.

It came directly from an interview I did with a friend and media buyer who tests many of his new offers in Bing first.

And he often does it by thinking laterally.

He doesn’t go after the most obvious, most expensive keywords.

Instead he thinks about lateral terms – what else might the Ideal Client be searching online?

You can find out more about why he does this…and how it could reduce your advertising costs while generating more sales inside the Monthly Mentor Club.

As soon as you join, click over the “Report Library” and scroll down to click on the image that says “Bing Secrets.”

This is just of several dozen detailed reports showing you how to Earn More, Work Less, And Enjoy Life online…

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