There is an ongoing thread inside the discussion area of the Monthly Mentor Club with the title, “Greek newbie looking for tough love.”

In his own words, he said he joined to get advice from people who were more successful than him.

And he did something totally unusual in the internet marketing space.

He asked for help and posted a few questions to the group…which got answers from both me and other members.

That’s not too unusual.

The next part is the weird part.

He implemented some of the advice.

And he recently updated the thread with his progress.

He launched a print newsletter and attracted 16 paid subscribers in the first week…with another 8 members joining later.

Not a big number, but he is moving forward.

He also sent out an ‘irresistible offer’ to those first 16 members and sold 3 of them on an additional 8-week training package. Can’t argue with an 18.7% conversion rate. This also equaled 287.5% increase in profits over the membership alone.

Because of his emails, he had a doctor reach out to him and offer to lend her office to him for a seminar.

He has several additional offers planned so this is only the beginning.

You may wonder why I’m talking about this?

He didn’t have a six-figure payday.

The numbers don’t sound all that exciting…especially when you consider the numbers that get thrown around in our industry all the time.

I have clients with seven figure plus businesses who can earn $100,000 or more from an emailed offer.

Why not just talk about them instead?

We do, but those bigger numbers are not where someone starts online.

They start with their first sale.

One sale turns into 2….3….4…and keeps growing.

Frankly, it’s easier to help the client earning a million dollars a year add an extra few hundred thousand.

Trying a new email sequence, offer, upsell, or even headline can multiply their numbers.

Getting started is tough.

There are so many moving pieces to an online business that many people get stuck in the start-up phase.

They get discouraged.

They keep learning and never moving forward.

Implementing deserves congratulations.

Small wins deserve celebration.

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Terry Dean

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