I love email marketing.

That shouldn’t be a surprise to you.

And that means the majority of the time I offer a Lead Magnet to bribe people into joining my email list so I can follow-up on them.

But there are times you’re better off going directly for the sale instead of wasting time trying to capture an email address.

A buyer’s email address is worth a LOT more than subscriber who just joined to get something for free.

This is true even if the product you sold was only $1.

They still pulled out their credit card and ordered.

Several clients and friends have been testing this recently.

You’ve probably seen several ‘book funnels’ promoted recently.

That’s where you’re offered a free book where you pay for shipping…or a paid book where you get the shipping free.

Either way, the purchase price comes up to somewhere between $5 and $9 ($7 is popular).

Obviously, the book itself is a loss leader. It doesn’t pay for advertising. After you purchase, you’ll see a ‘bump’ offer in the shopping cart…and several upsells. That’s where they pay for advertising and earn the initial profits.

Once you get the actual book in your hands, you’ll receive content but the book is also building credibility for their backend offer.

Another irresistible offer used in place of an opt-in funnel is a trial offer.

Try out this digital product for just $1. Pay the rest in 7 to 30 days. The $39 offer may be $1 today to access everything…and the other $38 is billed in 10 days. Cancel and you owe nothing.

You might say, “But it’s only $1.”

Sure is.

It’s a trial to get the sale. Even if 30% of the buyers cancel before the full payment, you’re still generating more completed sales than without the trial.

In either example, the book or the trial, the key is that it’s an irresistible offer and an impulse buy.

It’s something someone can buy almost without thinking.

They don’t need to take a few hours to decide.

Make the sale.

Use email to follow-up on the buyers.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not about to quit using Lead Magnets or free subscriber lists.

But don’t get stuck on just one way of doing things.

If you sell an impulse buy, you might not need a squeeze page. Test your funnel without it.

Focusing on the freebie could be sabotaging your sales upfront.

Is your offer irresistible enough to go directly for the sale?

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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