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Today you’re in for a special treat.  My friend Nick Bayley has written a guest post on how he went from living in a disgusting, rented garage to living on an internet lifestyle property in just 6 months.

And his method for doing it will be a little different than what you so commonly here from the gurus…

On to Nick from Garage to Lifestyle

I started my business from home in 1999, down here in New Zealand, doing off-line marketing.  Because New Zealand is such a small market (only 4 million people in the country and only 250,000 in the market I was in) I naturally started looking towards the Internet to get a bigger reach.

So in 2001 I started to bring my business online.  I had a specific formula I was using off-line that was working well but I just needed to reach more people.  At that time I had a sales letter converting at 29% off-line, which is nothing short of amazing.

My plan was to put that exact same sales letter online and become a billionaire.

I put that same sales letter online and drove traffic to the website and get this…I MADE NO SALES!

Man was I confused and disappointed!

But I was determined to make it succeed.  So I sought the help of some of the top marketers in the world and they gave me suggestions on what I could try in order to make some sales.   After a couple of months of trial and error I created a hot offer that stood out and started to make sales.

Now you may think that what I’m suggesting you do is testing, and all will be well with the world.  But I’m not saying that at all.

You see, testing is all well and good but the reason behind testing is not just to improve your numbers, because numbers have no feelings.  The reason to do testing is to find an offer so hot that you get


How much confidence do you think I had to go to potential Joint Venture partners with an offer that made no sales? 

Naturally none.

But once I had an offer that was converting like crazy I had sky high confidence.  And that confidence allowed me to go from working in a rented Garage to 6 months later buying a 2 acre lifestyle property. 

Increasing my selling percentage from 0% to 3% didn’t mean nearly as much as the confidence I got from making sales. 

Now here’s a big take-away for you. 

I landed a big Joint Venture deal with a person that had a 100,000 email list.  I asked him later why he decided to promote my product and he said “because as soon as I saw your offer I knew it would be a success with my list.”

So I want you to look at one of your offers with fresh eyes.  As though you’re a person with a 100,000 email list that has your target prospect on it.

Would you immediately look at your offer and say “this is different and I know it’s going to make lots of sales.”

With testing you’re not necessarily trying to go from a 1% conversion to a 1.2% conversion increase – although you’re not going to say no to that.  But is that going to give you massive confidence to go out and promote your offer everywhere?  With a .2% conversion increase are you going to suddenly have a massive increase in confidence?

For most people the answer will be no.

So if you want to make big money online fast then you need to by trying to look for that big offer that is going to stand out from the crowd.   Something that is going to give you so much confidence that you’re going to go on a marketing frenzy. 

Imagine you’ve got a $100 product and your normal conversion rate is 1%.  Then after a lot of work and effort you come up with an offer that is almost irresistible to your market and your conversion rate sky rockets up to 10%.  Do you think your confidence in your product would sky rocket as well?

Of course it would.  You might even do stuff like buying 10k offline ads.

That’s what you’re looking for with your offer  – something that is going to give you huge confidence.  And in reality this has nothing to do with a specific number.  You don’t need a 10% conversion rate to have huge confidence.  You don’t need even a 5% conversion rate.

This is all about finding an offer that gives YOU confidence to go out and promote it like mad. 

As far as achieving this you need to do the hard work and brainstorm different things. But here’s the reality:  You have this little box that you think in and it’s very, very hard for you to think outside of that box. 

That’s the reality with all of us.

When you look at your offer, even if it’s with fresh eyes, you’ll only have so many “different” thoughts and ideas.

So if you want some different ideas that you’ve never thought of before then you need to have a knowledgeable marketing expert look at your current offer and give you suggestions for improvement.

If you can get coaching with a marketing legend like Terry Dean then that’s the ideal (you know how tough those slots are to get). But failing that…ask other people in your market to take a look at your offer and make suggestions on what they think you could do to make it stand out. 

Keep asking people to take a look at it and offer you help to improve.

When you do this you’ll get some crappy suggestions like “make your sales letter shorter”.  You’ve got to ignore those types of comments (unless you have a 100 page sales letter).  Instead what you’re looking for is someone to say something like….. “you’re saying what everyone else says, what about if you said this instead…”

If you want to make big money fast online focus on trying to find your big offer so you get huge confidence.  When you do that you’ll become unstoppable.  You could be just one suggestion away from having a big hit on your hands.

Remember my story when you’re doing this.  I had an offer that made zero sales and then one little suggestion allowed me to go from working in a horrible old garage to 6 months later buying a tranquil, park-like, 2 acre lifestyle property. 

I can’t even remember the conversion rate on the sales letter but I can remember the confidence I had when I started making sales.  That’s the real key to making big money online – fast!

Are you serious about living the internet business lifestyle, but you feel confused, overwhelmed, and possibly even alone with your dream?

Nick Bayley will show You how to legally copy EVERYTHING he did to go from working in a disgusting rented garage to 6 months later buying a 2 acre lifestyle property and he’s going to PERSONALY help you do it too!

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