keep it simpleI’m sure you’ve heard of the KISS principle – Keep It Simple Stupid.

Sometimes it’s said in a nice way – Keep It Simple Silly.

It’s one of the most quoted phrases in internet marketing circles, and it definitely has its merits.

Time and time again I’ve seen clients make everything more difficult for themselves by coming up with a complicated plan.

They want to run four different types of advertising all at once, without concentrating and really learning how to use each one step at a time.

Not a good idea…

Or I personally have made a product more complicated than it needed to be because I wanted to cover all the possibilities. 

What people really want is a straight path to their goals.  They want the simplest system that gives results.

They want results.

And that’s what you should go after, the straightest path to the results you want.

Never make it more complicated than it needs to be.

Let me state it another way.  Make it simple, but not too simple. 

If your website is selling a simple low cost product that people already understand and know how to use, then a quick one page sales site is likely all you need.

The more people already understand your product, it’s benefits, and how to use it – the less information you need on your site.

If you’re selling a low cost product (say a $10 ebook), then you will write up a simple sales site…and make the sale right there.

If you’re selling a $500 home study course, you’re often going to have to get their email address first…and then follow up by email with content pieces and make the sale over time. 

The simplicity of your sales process depends on what is being offered. 

 Most internet marketing sites today are making it “too simple.”

Have you ever heard this pitch, “Just buy this product…and watch as money comes in?”

That is way too simple.  It’s an imaginary world that has no basis in reality.

“Just build a website and traffic will come.”

You’ve probably already seen that traffic is a daily practice – not an immediate event. 

“Content is King.”

In what world is content king on its own?  Content only will be living a lonely life.

“Just use social media.”

Just use social media to do what?  Social media can be a part of your overall business, but it won’t do much for you alone either.  You need a message that connects with people and is shared.

“The money is in the list.”

Yes, it is…if you’re building a list of people hungry to buy what you’re offering and you’re consistently following up with them.

“Put up an blog and just promote affiliate products.”

Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?  But building traffic to that blog and the content for that blog is quite a process on its own.   

Keep it simple, but NOT too simple. 

Making it too simple is kind of like only building 2 legs on a 3 legged chair.  Just wait till you try to sit on it…

All of the little clichés above are oversimplifying the marketing process. 

They’re trying to make the internet world seem easier than it is.

But at the same time they’re setting people up for disappointment.  

Those clichés don’t build a vital qualities you desperately need to succeed online: consistency and persistence. 

This month in my Monthly Mentor Club I’m covering how to build your sales sequence.  And I’m concentrating on this principle of making it simple, but not too simple.

The issue starts off covering a simple sales process you can use.  Then I add other elements to boost your conversion one piece at a time. 

In the end I show a much more complicated sales process designed to produce long-term leads and sales for a high end product offer.  This is rarely ever demonstrated.

Keep it simple…but make it work.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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