free website trafficIt often seems that free website traffic is the holy grail.  It’s what everyone is searching for.

Is that your cry today also…if only I had more website traffic?

It’s one piece of the 3 part puzzle: website traffic, a way to monetize those visitors, and a way to convert visitors into clicks, leads, and sales.

Look below at 10 free traffic methods.  As you go through them, think about how ALL of them rely on the same basic strategy.

Method #1: Search Engine Optimization

Method #2: Affiliate Partners

Method #3: Article Syndication

Method #4: Forums

Method #5: Youtube

Method #6: Podcasting

Method #7: Publicity

Method #8: Facebook

Method #9: Twitter

Method #10: Stumbleupon

Every single one is about sharing unique entertaining or valuable content. 

It’s about calling people’s attention to what you have to share…and bringing them to your site.

Focus on your message first.  Then use these methods to bring the audience to your site.

In “free” marketing, your currency is unique entertaining content.

If we choose just bloggers for example, some of them write 2,000 word comprehensive articles on a subject to get a lot of links.

Others like Seth Godin do very short posts that make you think.

Both of them have found their niche and their message.

Find your message.  Choose your methods.  Then stay consistent with them.

I often talk about the 3 P’s of conversion: Problem, Promise, and Proof.

Well I often use those same three items when helping someone choose the market and message to focus on.

What’s the problem?

What’s the problem you solve?  If you’re publishing a blog, what’s the problem that brings people to you.  It’s hopefully not just random crap that you’re thinking.  There’s a specific problem that you provide solutions to.   There’s a specific set of people who are interested in solving this problem.

Remember you can apply the above to any type of content sharing you’re doing.

What’s your promise?

How will you help them solve their problem?  How is your promise unique in the market?  It should also be quick and easy for people to figure out what you’re promising when they land on your site or read your messages.  This is a clear, consistent promise that you share throughout your content.

Where’s your proof?

There are all kinds of proof you could use such as testimonials or case studies from people you’ve helped.  But when someone is first starting out they should look for their story.  I just had a client I took through this process this week.

I interviewed him until we found his most interesting stories.  That all revolved around the exact same subject.  As soon as he would talk about that subject and tell his stories about it, you could feel his energy increase.  If you were standing in front of him, I’d bet you would have seen his eyes light up.

He was able to share those with passion because they were his stories.  And they stood out to me while listening because they were contrary to the common advice in that market.

He had passionate stories full of contrarian advice. 

That’s what you’re looking for.  Too many people get stuck and overwhelmed with all the free traffic methods they could be using.  And they’re frustrated when they don’t produce the results they want.

Find your message first.  Then reach your market with passionate stories full of contrarian advice.

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