Lunfair advantageife isn’t fair!

And neither is internet business.

A lot of people out there are putting sweat and tears into building a business, while working at a competitive disadvantage.

It seems like they’re trying to push a boulder uphill.  It’s a continual treadmill of never getting ahead.

Maybe if they just work longer and harder than everyone else it will all work out.

But again, life isn’t fair.  And business definitely isn’t.

You may be competing with people who have more financing, a full-time staff, and established relationships in the market.

How in the world do you compete with that?

You can come out with a much better solution to a desperate problem.  Or you make a better offer than they’re willing to make.  Or possibly an insane guarantee they won’t match.

Or perhaps it’s an unfair advantage that comes from your past.  Maybe you have experience in front of a video camera from a job you had at a local news station.

If you have that advantage, run with it.  Do everything you can on video.  Use a video blog, video sales letters, and video products.  Use that unfair advantage!

Someone else may be a stronger writer.  They can sit down and write.  If they get focused and cut out distractions, it just flows.  Use it.  Rely on it.  Make it your advantage.

Maybe you’re the life of the party.  Use social media.  Get on the phone.  Meet people at conferences.  Become a joint venture broker.  Use that talent you have to make others comfortable around you.

Perhaps it’s not a talent you were born with.  It could be experience you’ve developed or a job you’ve done.  You worked in a job where you had to create systems and checklists.  That’s an incredible way to build an advantage over competitors by leveraging your work.

Or you worked at a dental office and understand the mentality.  You could develop a product and reach that specific audience.

So many people jump on an opportunity because they heard someone else’s success story.  And they don’t think about what advantages that person might have had in the business.

For example, a lot of the internet gurus have a large staff.  What if you don’t want any staff?  What happens when you start copying their exact business models?  You’ll run directly into a brick wall because it’s a different business system.

Your unfair advantages could come from your own personal skillset and experiences, assets such as money or ideas, team members, or even the right message at the right time.

Don’t discount the “small things.”

If you search for it, you can find an advantage.  Build on it.  Use it.  And win.

That’s what the February issue of the Monthly Mentor Club is all about.   It’s about finding your unfair advantages and using them to dominate the  competition.  Specialize in what your business does best.

Find your advantages.  Concentrate on them.  And profit from them.

Quit trying to build a business based off of competive disadvantages!

Terry Dean
Terry Dean

Terry Dean has been in full-time internet business since 1996 and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get started online through his articles and products. He lives in Ocala, Florida with his wife and 2 dogs. Find out more about how his step-by-step courses can help you today.