membership siteI love continuity income.

In fact, I think it’s my favorite of all type of online income…money that comes in each month without making a new sale to a customer.

I’ve run multiple membership sites, a print newsletter, group coaching programs, and one-on-one coaching programs all based on monthly continuity.

It gets even better when it’s an affiliate program paying continuity income where they’re doing all the work of delivering the services and content. 

There are programs I promoted years ago that still send me checks every month today.  You can’t beat that!

But there’s a monster hiding under the bed the gurus don’t want to talk about.

Customers don’t want to commit to paying you monthly.

And over the past couple of years, it has gotten even worse because of all the scams out there.

Crooks have dinged people’s credit cards with hidden continuity.

That’s when you sign up for continuity and it’s NOT clearly described that it’s an ongoing commitment. 

The most common method was hiding the continuity in one little “extra bonus” on a 20 page website.  The customer buys and 30 days later, surprise-surprise there’s an extra charge on their credit card.

And don’t even get me started on those who make it a PAIN IN THE CABOOSE to cancel!  One client told me a horror story about a program he was in that didn’t even cancel him after sending a certified letter to their business address.

Add those two scams together and it’s tougher to today to get people to join your membership site than it was just a few years ago.

In fact, on a recent webinar Glenn Livingston even suggested getting people to join a membership site is kind of like asking them to pour acid on their genitals!

It’s NOT that difficult, but he was trying to make a point.  You want people to join your membership and pay you monthly.  That’s not what they want. 

What they want are easy solutions to their problems…delivered as quickly and concisely as possible.

And here’s a key principle.  People don’t join for what they’re GOING to receive. 

Here are 3 ways to improve the conversion of your membership site…

#1 – Focus on the Immediately Delivered Bonuses

They join based on what you deliver to them today.  This includes any instant delivery you provide, any or all the bonuses, and current content that is already available them in the site. 

The most effective membership websites focus heavily on the instantly delivered benefits…what a customer gets right now when they join. 

The most effective membership sales page have a STRONG primary bonus worth much more than the cost of the membership or a series of bonuses that work in unison for a much greater value than the price of the site itself.

They focus attention here…on what you get today.  Make it an insane value that’s tough to say no to.

You sell based on what people get NOW…and you retain people based on what you deliver monthly. 

#2 – Make it Clear how to Cancel From the Beginning

Be upfront and tell people how to cancel from the beginning.  On my sites I even link over to my support system and tell people all they have to do to cancel is send in a support ticket. 

This not only deals with that fear they have you won’t let them cancel, but it has a nice side benefit.  The vast majority of my members who cancel use the support system.  They do what I asked which means it fits the systems we have in place where we’re not hunting down their information.

Does this generate more people canceling?  Not from what I’ve seen.  Remember you sell based on what you deliver immediately and retain people based on what you’re delivering every month.

#3 – Run a Low Cost Trial If It’s Required

Want to really boost your frontend sign-ups?  Then go with a low cost trial where the membership is $1, $4.95, or even free plus shipping for a physical bonus you may send (say $9.95 for the shipping of the physical bonus).

This will boost frontend conversion.  You’ll take a hit on retention and no matter how well you explain the continuity you’ll still have some customers who don’t recognize it which will create customer support hassles. 

So it’s a trade off.  More frontend customers, but more customer support hassles and lowered retention.  If you’re not converting though, go for the trial.

I’ve had a couple of clients who even went the opposite way.  They had more trouble with retention than conversion and they actually charge LESS for the repeating months compared to the first month (so $97 for the first month and then $47 a month after that for example). 

See This In Action

If you’d like to see how I focus on both #1 and #2 on my own site, check out

The sales page is focused primarily on the benefits while still making it clear it’s a monthly continuity and exactly how you can cancel at any time…along with a full money back guarantee.

Would you like simple step-by-step instructions to boost your traffic, triple your conversion rates, and take more time off?

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