buy website trafficThe easiest way to drive a bunch of buyers in the internet marketing space is to talk about free traffic.

This includes search engine optimization, social media, blogging, article marketing, video, list trades, etc.

It’s what everyone is dreaming about….a kind of Website Traffic El Dorado…a Lost City of Gold that everyone is struggling and chasing after.

If only they could just find this mystical “secret,” they’d be set.

Hordes of hungry buyers would overwhelm their server and shopping cart.  And they’d ride off into the sunset with a smile on their face.

Yet then I turn around and look at the real stats of my most successful clients, and the majority of them are BUYING at least a portion of their traffic.

They’re in Adwords.  They’re in CPV.  They’re in banner networks.  They buy banners directly on targeted websites.  They advertise in magazines and journals.  They’re even buying ads on Facebook.

As a matter of fact, one recently reported to me a 4:1 return on his remarketing campaigns of all visitors (those are ads which are only shown to visitors who were cookied as already visiting your website).

Yes, the majority also drive traffic through seo and content marketing as well…and all the time and expense that goes into these methods.

But this is about something more than just the traffic itself.

I notice those who put their money on the line and “buy traffic” have a change in mindset.

They start looking at the return on investment.  They look deeper at their conversion at every step in the process.  They look for additional ways to provide more value to their customers and maximize their revenue.

It changes their mindset to more internet business focused instead of just personal website focused.

And it does something something else that’s a biggie…

Paid traffic exposes the flaws in your website!

If your website isn’t converting, then you quickly find this out.

But there is another element that is true of all paid advertising I’ve seen online.  It’s called optimization.

You get multiple points you can influence and optimize your campaign to make it profitable.

Let’s say you’re running a banner ad campaign.  You optimize the sites you’re advertising on.  Some will work for you.  Many will not.  Keep a careful eye on your stats and you’ll discover the absolute best ones for your offer (think about how this means you could buy ads directly, know who to contact for jvs, and even come up with better keywords for your seo).

You test multiple different banners looking for just the right pitch that gets them to clickthrough.  You’ll find that often one approach doubles the results of any of the others.

At this point, you have to analyze if your landing page also matches what’s working on the banner.   You want your website to continue the conversation that the banner started.  It needs to be a natural flow from one step to the next.

You improve your landing page based off the banner results and double your optin subscriber rate.

Once you’ve tested that the optin page is converting, you move on to your primary sales page with the SAME CONVERSATION going on.  You keep it moving across that page along with all your email follow-ups and any other follow-up methods you’re using.

Once you make the sale, you improve on the upsell in the system to maximize the revenue here.

Buying traffic FORCES you to analyze and improve each step in the conversion process. 

You could of course do this with any other form of traffic, but the question is will you?

I’ve seen it when working with clients.  Something changes once you put your money on the line with your advertising.

You can’t lie to yourself anymore.

It’s too easy with some forms of traffic to simply say we’re establishing a connection.  They’ll convert next time.  If you pay for visitors and you don’t convert those visitors into leads or sales, then they’re gone.  Your website missed it.

And you can analyze the results with real numbers of what you spent and what came back in.  It’s not a uncalculated amount of time that you may have spent in free marketing.  It’s real and you see it in your bank account.  Or you don’t…

It’s all about the cold hard reality of the numbers when it comes down to your ROI.

Even if you’re primarily focused on “free traffic methods,” I’d still recommend you run some form of paid advertising just to get this mindset shift going on.

It will make everything you do in your business more profitable.

For those who don’t know, there is a whole world of advertising outside of Google.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

Terry Dean has been in full-time internet business since 1996 and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs get started online through his articles and products. He lives in Ocala, Florida with his wife and 2 dogs. Find out more about how his step-by-step courses can help you today.