Great emails include value.

But providing the wrong kind of value can sabotage your sales!

I’ve heard from so many frustrated people who’ve been sending emails packed with value for years.

Yet, their subscribers aren’t buying.

They might get opens and clicks. They might even get thank you notes. But you can’t deposit those in the bank.

So, what’s the problem?

First of all, value isn’t just ‘content’.

By nature, emails aren’t a great place to teach any topic in depth.

They’re not the right medium for sharing your detailed, step-by-step solutions.

Hardcore teaching should be saved for videos, books, courses, workshops, coaching, etc.

So, what kind of value should you share in emails?


Tell stories. Mix in personality and humor. Include case studies from your clients.

Give quick, short bites of information. Share quotes. Tie into books, movies, and news trends.

Talk about the problems and challenges your subscribers are facing.

This gives you the chance to demonstrate empathy.

They’re not alone.

You understand what they’re going through, because you’ve faced those same challenges yourself or you’ve helped others overcome them.

Dig deep and go into the root problems that are holding them back.

In most markets your competitors are just talking about ‘surface level’ problems.

Change the conversation.

Find the deeper causes behind the problem.

Ask, “Why isn’t anyone talking about this?”

Why aren’t the current products and services solving the problem?

Changing someone’s perspective is one of the greatest values you can give in an email.

Good email marketers invite you into their new world.

They help you see both the problem and the solution from a different perspective.

They bring light to the situation.

And they keep their frame going from one email to the next as they guide you into the new world you’re experiencing alongside them.

New possibilities. New opportunities.

And they can do it without destroying the mystery and the curiosity behind their offers.

Their products or services are the solution to the problems you’re experiencing.

If you’d like to dive deeper, and see how you can earn more by becoming that tour guide to a new world for your subscribers, check out Autoresponder Alchemy.

It shows you how to write “Hero Emails” that connect with your ideal buyers and position your product or service as the solution to their problems.

And it comes with 80 email templates that I reverse engineered for you…so you can model them to make the process easier.

Best of all, when you’re finished, you won’t write like me.

You’ll find your voice…and speak with confidence to your audience…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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