How would you like to double…or even triple your sales just by making a slight change in your offer?

It’s an old strategy I learned about years ago.

My sales tripled the very first time I used it.

And it still works just as well today.

Three of my one-on-one clients recently used this simple offer…and saw an immediate surge in sales.

It’s called the “trial offer.”

Instead of charging a customer upfront, you charge them a small fee such as $10.

Then they pay the balance of the product price after 30 days…or even on payments of 30, 60, and 90 days.

For example, one client is selling a product for just under $1,000.

He also offers 3 monthly payments of $347.

On the trial offer, a customer pays shipping of $15…and then makes 3 monthly payments of $347 AFTER the customer has had it in their hands during the first 30 day trial period.

Some customers do return the product during the trial period.  On a good physical information product, you can expect somewhere between 20% to 35% to come back.

But the increased sales numbers more than makes up for these.

Of course you do test the same strategy on a low cost product.  Run an $8 shipping trial with a payment of $99 in 30 days or two monthly payments of $49.95.

If you offer digital products, go with a shorter trial period.

You could run a trial at $1 to $10 with the full payment in 7 to 14 days.

The big problem with a digital trial is people who forget what they ordered.

With a physical product, it’s sitting there staring them in the face…and they still forget they ordered it at times.

With a digital product, it’s even easier to forget.  That’s why shorter periods have been more successful in the past tests I’ve done for digital trials.

No matter whether it’s a digital or physical trial, you will still have some people who don’t understand why they’ve been charged.

Make sure your customer service team is prepared for this and available to refund those who return the physical product or cancel the digital charges right before the deadline.

Never underestimate the power of changing your offer.

All it takes is one change like the “free trial” to experience the breakthrough you’re looking for in your business.

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Terry Dean
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