Do you dream of enough passive income to pay your bills, fund your lifestyle, and spend your days doing what you choose?

This is the ultimate dream I often hear from those starting out.

If you had enough passive income, you could do what you want.

You wouldn’t be bound to a boss you hate working for. You wouldn’t waste your life doing boring tasks. And you’d have the freedom all of us want.

Passive income is real.

I know several people who run ‘4 hour’ work week type businesses. They have more than enough money coming in from passive income streams to do what they want when they want.

But here’s the funny thing.

Not a single one of them works only 4 hours…at least not for long.

Oh, they might take an extended vacation for a couple of months. But before their vacation is over, they’re already ready to go…to climb a new mountain…and put a new business in place.

These entrepreneurs are too active to just sit back and coast.

There’s a second even more important secret to their passive income streams.

They created these income streams while actively investing themselves in their business.

Passive income came in BECAUSE of the active work they did.

For example, one client runs a done-for-you service business where they do PPC, SEO, social media, and more for each of their clients. He worked some serious hours getting this business off the ground.

It took a couple of years for us to install all the systems and employees in his business to handle the work. But now that business pretty much runs without him.

Did he kick back and relax on a beach somewhere? Well, yeah…for a couple of months. But then he came back and purchased another larger business with a partner. And he’s actively building that business while the first one continues to pay him passive income.

Another client started out with coaching in a business-to-business niche industry. He worked directly with clients and still does work with a limited number of clients (similar to what I do).

He also started translating the systems he put into their businesses into products he could sell both as one-off products and ongoing subscriptions. The active income work created the passive income opportunity.

You want to generate passive income in your business. That’s the goal. That’s the dream.

But you won’t reach that goal by simply seeking passive income.

Instead you get there by finding ways to serve more clients. For example, the client who is coaching business owners wanted to extend his influence. He wanted to serve more clients at once. Creating passive income products was the natural extension of his goal.

It’s the same with the client offering services to his clients. He wanted to continue to grow his business and reach more clients, but he was stretched to the limits of what he could do. He couldn’t take on more new clients.

So he started putting the systems and team in place to handle more clients. It wasn’t easy. He put a team member in the wrong position and it caused all kinds of problems. He was even tempted a couple of times to go back to just doing it himself.

I’m not promising passive income will be easy for you either.

But it is definitely possible. The reality is though is that it takes a lot of work to make it happen. And you will have to move out of your comfort zone.

And the question to ask yourself isn’t, “How do I generate passive income?

Instead, the correct question is, “How can I use leverage to generate better results for more clients?

The answer may be putting systems in place.

It may mean bringing in team members.

It could include working with partners.

But by asking the right question, you’re much closer to finding the right answers.

And if you’re passionate about marketing and business, Dr. Glenn Livingston and I are right now accepting applications for Strategic Growth Directors.

We’ll train you in the systems we use to attract high quality clients, deliver results for your clients, and life the lifestyle you desire.

But we’re only taking a limited number of applications…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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