Turn your passion for marketing and business into a lucrative, rewarding, and fun career…using our turnkey-systems to create instant credibility, attract dream clients, multiply their profits, and live the lifestyle you desire!


Dr. Glenn Livingston and his companies have sold over $30,000,000 in coaching and consulting to big companies like AT&T, Nextel, Whirlpool, Novartis, Lipton, Colgate-Palmolive, Kraft, Panasonic, Johnson and Johnson, and others.

But both Glenn and I have a problem. My coaching program is continually booked…with only a few openings available two times a year at most.

And Glenn hasn’t had any openings in his coaching program since early 2013.

That’s close to 2 years now people have been desperately begging him to take their money!

And our waiting lists keep growing.

As soon as potential clients find our programs are full, they ask if we have anyone else we can refer. Up till now, we didn’t have the answer.

Today that changes!

If you’re interested, and you qualify, we’ll teach you our complete step-by-step Growth Acceleration System(TM).

We’ll show you how to fill your waiting list with excited, fun-to-work-with clients ready to pay you premium fees for your help.

But we’re only accepting a maximum of 30 members for this program. We want to provide personalized attention to your needs and provide you with all the tools you need to succeed.

And it definitely isn’t for everyone. Applicants will be interviewed to find out if you’re right for this program.

Find out full details and whether it’s right for you here…


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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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