It’s been over 2 years since I’ve visited a movie theatre.

I’ve watched movies at home, but nothing has been exciting enough to go see in the theatre.

So many of the popular movies have been a disappointment…at least to me.

But let’s quickly dive into what makes stories stick, especially the kind that sell more of your products and services.

The truth is stories are simple at their core.

Stories are about identity.

Who are you?

You have a character with a problem to overcome.

Crisis drives story.

Additional problems and challenges will be thrown their way.

To win in the end, they have to become more than they were in the beginning of the story.

As they grow and progress as a character, they discover who they really are.

There are many variations on this theme, but this is the core of most stories.

As business owners, we’re sharing stories as well.

And even though you may be talking about yourself or client case studies, the stories are really about your prospects and customers.

You’re looking for common points that resonate with your audience.

They have problems you can help them overcome.

You can help them progress as a character.

It’s about who you help them become.

For example, maybe you sell men’s suits and accessories.

But you’re not just selling clothes.

You’re helping your audience put on an identity.

They’re dignified. They’re successful. They look like a million bucks.

The images on your website will point to this new identity.

In my business, I talk about my initial struggles and my success.

I share about clients who have succeeded as well.

It’s not just about the money. It’s about the freedom.

Let’s take the topic of email marketing.

There are people out there who promise to just hand you some pre-written emails you can install in your sequence….and profits come flooding in.

That’s simply not true. Because then all you’d be is a poor carbon copy of the original. It wouldn’t fit you, your story, or your audience.

I can give you email templates, tell you why they work, and give you simple steps to create your own emails based on them.

Find your voice.

You can be a successful email marketer. You can consistently write emails that connect with your audience and pull in income.

You can have the confidence to succeed in any market.

Did you catch how I just connected it back to identity again…and who you can become?

I’ve helped thousands of people success online and with email.

Autoresponder Alchemy shows you the way.

You’ll not only receive templates you can model, but you’ll also receive step-by-step training that shows you the secrets behind the email magic.

Find your story.

Share it using these models.

Give value to your audience.

And consistently sell more of your products and services…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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