What’s the best investment?

Some will say the stock market. Others will say real estate.

Of course, after two decades of running an online business, I fully believe in the value of your own business and investing in your ideal customers and clients.

I have investments in all the above.

But one of my clients, Benson Agbortogo, got me thinking about investing a little differently.

He talks about the return you’re earning on your time.

Your time is the investment with the biggest payoff.

How are you investing your time?

Seth Godin posted to his blog recently about how much time people waste on their phones. He said…

“If we wasted money the way we waste time, we’d all be bankrupt.”

Your time is more valuable than money.

You can earn more money, but you’re not getting your time back.

That doesn’t mean you should invest all your time into earning more money.

That’s NOT a good payoff!

It’s not about ‘money’ anyway. It’s about what money can do for you. And one of the most valuable aspects of money is how it can help you buy your freedom.

You can use money to help take control of your time.

Invest in a relationship with God. Invest in your health. Invest in your family.

But the truth actually goes further than just ‘time’, because all time isn’t created equal.

It’s more about your energy.

There are times where you’re more creative, more focused, and get more done in less time.

You have more energy during those periods.

For a lot of people, this may be the early morning.

Then there are others who are night owls and work best late at night.

There are other periods where you feel more drained.

When do you have the most energy to invest?

Carve out those times and focus on what’s most important.

I’m NOT going to try to advise you on all the other areas of your life here.

But I will talk about your online business.

Are you investing your energy in developing skills that will set you apart and virtually guarantee your business success in the future?

I’m so thankful that one of the skills I invested time in early on was persuasion…and especially writing emails.

There are so many online business owners who have come and gone.

But the ones who have lasted…the ones who continue to earn an income online and experience the freedom that’s available to us…aren’t the ones who jumped from one business opportunity to the next.

They’re the ones who invested their energy in what mattered.

Email was the secret to my success that first year.

It still creates the majority of my income today.

And the good news is there are simple systems you can follow to earn more from email consistently.

That’s what you’ll find in my step-by-step course Autoresponder Alchemy.

Not only will you discover the formulas I use with email, but you’ll also receive 80 templates you can model to make the process simple.

Find out full details today…

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