Another client just put together a profitable direct-to-sale funnel with Facebook advertising recently.

That means no opt-in on the frontend.

Ads run on Facebook.

Visitors are sent directly to sales page.

Orders are made.

We follow-up by email to increase the profits on the backend.

It results in a smaller, but more valuable email list (they’re 100% buyers).

Sometimes email can become a ‘crutch’ that gets in the way of profits.

How could I say such a thing…especially with how good email has been to me over the past two decades?

I believe in email. It’s how I earn the majority of my income.

But getting people on an email list is not your goal.

It’s a step on the way to the goal of selling more of your products and services.

It doesn’t matter how many people are joining your email list if they’re NOT buying your products or services.

Some people have massive email lists full of freebie seekers.

Email becomes a ‘crutch’ if you make excuses for why people aren’t buying your offers, “Maybe they haven’t been on the list long enough.”

A certain percentage may take 30 to 90 days to buy…but a portion of the audience should be buying within the first week (often within the first 24 hours).

That’s one of the reasons I have clients go for the sale immediately after someone joins their list. It’s one of the best times, because someone just raised their hand and said they were interested in solving that problem.

But we’re finding going direct-to-sale can often be more profitable, especially if you have a product under $100 and you’re using Facebook traffic.

This also cuts out some of the variables that get in the way of optimization. You don’t have to worry about the squeeze page, Lead Magnet, thank you page, or first email.

Instead all your concentration is on the audience, offer, and copy of the sales page.

Optimize your Facebook ads by narrowing the audience, testing new photos, or reviewing the ‘breakdown’ of the audience converting at your website.

Split test headlines.

Test a video.

Add a bump offer to the order form.

Optimize the order form by restating the core offer and adding your strongest testimonials.

If the shopping cart conversion is low, consider testing an opt-in on the way to the order form.

Add an upsell. Add another upsell or a downsell.

Retarget visitors with video proof and a trial offer.

After someone buys, start an email sequence to get them to consume the product. Follow-up with additional backend offers.

One of the best things about a direct-to-sale offer is how you getting the right visitors to the website and making the sale.

You should be doing that when optimizing an email funnel as well…but it can get lost in the shuffle if you’re not looking at the right metrics.

The March issue of the Monthly Mentor Club is called “Million Dollar Funnels.”

I’ll be sharing example funnels, the numbers you can expect to see in those funnels, and how to optimize them to multiply the profits.

It is being sent for print & mail tomorrow, February 28th.

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