In my last email I talked about how wild some of the Youtube targeting options are.

If you want to target females, age 35 to 54, who are parents, and earn the top 20% of income, you can do that. And you could narrow that audience down to females who recently visited an in-person yoga studio.

It’s kind of crazy really.

But today I want to talk about another feature a lot of people have probably never realized is available to Youtube advertisers.

You can create your own sequence of in-stream video ads that play in any order you choose.

Someone is shown your first video ad.

Later on, they’re shown your second video ad. It could be later that day or another day.

It continues on to your third and fourth video ad.

Essentially, you can turn Youtube into your own personal autoresponder that shows your ads in the order you choose.

Or you can rely on Google’s testing to find the most profitable sequence to show your videos.

Either way, this is called an “Ad Sequence.”

You can also set specific triggers for each step in the sequence.

Perhaps video two only shows to a viewer if they viewed your first video.

That means they didn’t immediately click the skip button. They were interested enough to watch a portion of your video or click the link to visit your site.

For example, maybe your first video in the sequence has a strong hook to grab their attention and then talks about your story and your offer.

You set the 2nd video to only show to those who counted as a viewer of this ad and you share some contrarian content in the second video.

You set the 3rd video to only appear to those who viewed the 2nd one. You’re taking them deeper and deeper into your topic, each time asking them to click and buy your product.

Of course, you could go the other route as well and only show your additional videos to those who count as ‘skipping’ the video before it.

It’s up to you how you set-up your personalized video autoresponder inside of Youtube ads.

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