Facebook and Google are the two 800lb gorillas of online advertising.

They’re the primary sources of paid traffic for my clients as well.

And while either can be used to grow your business fast, my personal preference leans more toward Youtube.

There are multiple reasons for this, not the least of which is how frequently Facebook bans accounts without warning, especially in markets like health, money, and relationships.

In addition, ads tend to burn out quick on Facebook if you’re running volume. It requires constantly coming up with new creatives to stay ahead of the game.

That doesn’t mean you can set-and-forget a campaign in Youtube, but once you optimize it, it can continue for months or even years if you’re testing multiple video ads.

And if you dive deep into Youtube’s targeting options, it gets a little crazy!

It’s scary how much Google knows about us.

You likely already have a Google account because you use Gmail, Chrome, Youtube, Analytics, Android, Google Calendar, Google Docs, etc.

Imagine everything their AI knows about you, even if you use cookie blocking tools.

It’s terrifying on a personal basis, but it’s exciting for us as marketers.

You can target by demographics such as male or female, age, parent vs non-parents, and even household income.

And you can combine demographics with any of the other targeting options. If you want to target men who earn the top 10% of income and are currently interested in purchasing or leasing a vehicle, you can do that.

It’s easy to miss all the targeting options available when you advertise on Youtube, because many are hidden or not fully defined.

If you want to target specific videos you know your customers are watching, you can do that with a placements campaign.

You can also select keywords or topics they’re watching right now.

But that is just the beginning.

You can choose to show your videos to an in-market audience of people who are actively researching or comparing products and services similar to what you offer.

And they give you tools to create your own custom in-market audiences.

You can do this by adding a list of keywords your audience would be researching on Google, Youtube, or other websites. Or perhaps you’d like to choose some of your most popular competitor websites instead for Google to use in preparing you an audience.

You can even create an audience based on places your customers physically visit. For example, you could target people who recently visited an rv dealer or an rv park. That doesn’t mean your ads only show when they’re in that location. It means they visited recently.

What are your ideal customers searching? Where are they visiting? What videos are they watching?

You can get your video in front of them and entice them to click the link to join your list or buy your products.

That’s what the July issue of the Monthly Mentor Club is all about.

It’s called the “Youtube Ads Accelerator”.

You’ll discover how to target your ideal clients.

And you’ll find out how to create effective Youtube video ads, including 2 separate video scripts you can model.

This is for you even if you don’t want to appear on video or do any video editing (your video may actually convert better if you’re not involved).

I also walk you step-by-step through choosing all the options while setting up your first Youtube ad campaign.

This issue will be mailed out to all members on July 1st.

Subscribe today to receive it and get immediate access to dozens of special reports and videos designed to help you earn more, work less, and enjoy life!

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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