Google is the #1 search engine. Nobody else is even close.

But did you know that 63% of online shoppers go to Amazon when they start searching for products (2020 survey by

When someone searches Google, they’re often looking for free information. What’s the weather or the daily news? How do I cook this recipe? Where’s the nearest steakhouse?

When someone searches Amazon, they’re at least thinking about buying something.

Are you ignoring the largest community of buyers for your products and services?

Amazon is the leading online retailer for multiple product categories, but I’m going to focus on books and ebooks since a majority of my clients are in the ‘expert’ space (online courses, consulting, done-for-you services).

There are thousands of authors earning a full-time living just from book sales on Amazon.

But that’s not why I’m talking about Amazon.

You can earn some ‘passive income’ there from non-fiction information, but they’re an even better source of self-liquidating leads.

What if you could tap into the traffic at the world’s largest online shopping mall and generate a consistent, ongoing source of buyers for your products and services?

Several of my clients have done exactly that.

You create a book, or even better a series of short books, and you target your ideal clients on Amazon.

Inside every book, you offer a ‘free upgrade’ for cheat sheets, video training, or some other gift which they can access by opting into your email list.

While Amazon doesn’t provide you with your list of buyers, a portion of those buyers will opt-in for their bonus gifts.

These subscribers are NOT like the normal opt-in leads you might get from SEO or social media.

They’re NOT freebie seekers who just stumbled upon your message looking for their next dopamine hit.

They’re buyers who already look at you as an authority on the topic, because they may have invested hours immersing themselves in your core message.

They’re much more likely to read your emails and buy your products or services.

And there’s a little ‘side effect’ I’ve discovered to this as well.

Your books on Amazon can increase your overall credibility and give you higher conversions for everything else you sell. This means more money from your courses, consulting, and services.

Of course, it’s not as easy as simply writing a book and publishing it on Amazon.

Amazon rewards books that sell.

If your book isn’t selling, Amazon isn’t going to send people to it.

If your book sells, it shows up higher in its chosen categories, it appears in searches, and it’s seen more often in the “also bought recommendations”.

The October issue of the Monthly Mentor Club is about the Amazon Funnel Formula.

You’ll discover:

  • Why shorter books can equal more money.
  • 10 attention-grabbing hooks for your next book idea.
  • How to write clickable titles that sell
  • What you must do BEFORE you start writing your book.
  • How to choose your categories and keywords to sell more books.
  • Secrets to writing an enticing book description for Amazon.
  • How to launch your book for maximum exposure.
  • And more…

The “Amazon Funnel Formula” will be available in side the Club in PDF and mailed out to all subscribers on October 1st.

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Terry Dean
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