I’m a dog lover.

Thor is an 80+ pound German Shepherd and he is always ready.

Ready for what? Pretty much anything. Go for a ride, a walk, a game of fetch, a snack, etc.

Whoever said you can’t buy happiness forgot little puppies.” – Gene Hill

But I remember back to when we had a golden retriever and lived in the country.

Goldens are hunting dogs, and he hunted something he shouldn’t have.

He found and killed a skunk.

No one wanted to cuddle the golden after that!

That was the second time that one of our dogs chased a skunk.

So, we had experience from the first time.

Some people will tell you to use tomato juice to get the smell out.

It doesn’t work.

But it does change a golden retriever a nice shade of pink.

There are much more effective mixtures like skunk-off and other skunk-specific products.

You might ask what a stinky dog has to do with business?


When someone has a desperate problem, they want a solution NOW.

It wouldn’t matter if it’s a little expensive. It doesn’t matter if you have to drive across town to buy it. It doesn’t need long copy to convince people to buy it.

They simply need to know you have a cure for the problem…with some proof to back it up.

But what if you tried to sell the same product as prevention…in case they ever got the problem?

You might show all your advantages and advertise everywhere.

It’s still going to be a tough sale.

They don’t have the skunk problem assaulting their nostrils and making them sick to their stomachs.

The most important element to your marketing is a hungry, buying audience.

Find that and everything becomes infinitely easier!

Observe what they’re already buying. You can see this on Amazon bestsellers, Adwords ads that keep running month-after-month, magazine ads that run for years, affiliate leaderboards, media mentions, etc.

Talk to buyers in the market and eavesdrop on their online conversations.

Find or create a product that fills in a gap from current solutions in the market. You’re looking for are problems that aren’t completely solved and unfulfilled desires. You’re offering this product or service because customers deserve a better solution.


Once you have a product or service that’s bringing in customers consistently…especially if you can do it at a profit on the front-end…then expand on the backend.

What else do they want to buy?

Of course, there are multiple steps to each of these components.

But it all starts with a hungry, buying audience.

You can get access to my step-by-step systems in the Monthly Mentor Club.

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