What if you were privy to the inner-most thoughts, desires, and fears of an affluent, starving crowd?

It would only be a matter of time until that knowledge made you rich.

You’d offer products and services that solve desperate problems keeping your Ideal Clients awake at night.

Your websites, videos, emails, social media, and every other marketing tool would use the exact language they’re already using themselves.

You could pick-and-choose stories that resonate with your audience.

Your ideal clients would feel someone finally ‘gets them.’

You understand them, their pains, and their desires even better than their closest friends…often even better than they understand themselves.

Each step in your funnel connects with what they’re already thinking…dramatically boosting your conversion rates.

Income comes flooding in.

You’d know what to say to attract that starving, buying audience, convert them into customers, and maximize your backend revenue.

The August issue of the Monthly Mentor Club is about this kind of ‘Client Telepathy’…how to research your market until you develop empathy and understand their inner-most thoughts and feelings.

Empathy is the ability to understand and share in the emotions of another person.

You’re able to connect with them on a deeper, more intrinsic level.

You see things from their perspective.

You can actually feel the emotions the other person is experiencing.

Sometimes they might not even be able to find the words to express those emotions, but you can.

If you can get to that level…

You can write your own ticket online.

This will require a skill that’s dreadfully lacking in most people’s lives.


So many conversations are surface level.

One person is waiting for the other one to finish talking so it’s their turn to speak.

No effort to understand from a different perspective.

No real communication takes place.

This is actually good news for you.

It means your competition likely isn’t listening to customers…and they’re stumbling around blindly in the dark as well…unless they’re a member of the Club.

You don’t have to satisfied with a routine understanding of your market.

You can communicate on a deeper level.

The August issue of the Monthly Mentor Club will be mailed out on August 1st, and available inside the membership in PDF version on that date as well.

It talks about how to recruit and speak to your Ideal Clients (yes, talking to live humans). Know the questions to ask and what you’re looking for.

And it gives you 5 ways to uncover your customers’ deepest darkest secrets using online technology without speaking to anyone.

Then it shows you how to internalize what you’ve discovered…and make it a part of yourself.

Soon you could be communicating with new empathy and understanding…attracting more leads, sales, and lifetime clients.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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