Julie was playing ball with Thor, our German Shepherd, a few days ago.

Thor came charging through the doggie door while Julie was still outside.

And he just kept running…around and around the living room without stopping.

I called him.

He ignored me and just kept running.

I tried to stand in the way, and he simply went around me and kept running.

He wasn’t whining, crying, or making any sound other than running as fast as he could around the room.

Julie came running onto the porch and yelled that there were a bunch of bees swarming near a bush in the backyard.

She got stung twice.

We finally caught Thor, and he had a bee stuck right to the side of his face, about halfway between his nose and his right eye.

We pulled it off and killed it. I couldn’t tell you what it was, but our pest control guy told us it was likely a hornet.

Dogs can be allergic to bees, so we kept a close eye on him the rest of the day.

He may have had a tiny little bump for an hour or so, but everything turned out fine. He didn’t show any abnormal signs, and he was enthusiastic about playing some more.

Could you imagine how that bee looked to Thor?

It was an inch or so in front of his eye, so it probably looked huge. It was massive flying monster attached to the side of his face.

He couldn’t escape it no matter how fast he ran!

But we couldn’t help him until we caught him and held him still.

Business problems can fill your entire field of vision as well.

Maybe your website isn’t converting. Or your email list isn’t growing.

Perhaps one of your team members is causing a mess.

The problems look massive!

You run in every direction trying to fix the problems, but nothing changes.

It can look hopeless.

Sometimes you simply need to stop and ask for help.

Getting the right answer at the right time can make all the difference.

That’s why I include a members-only forum inside the Monthly Mentor Club.

This is in addition to all the special reports, detailed training videos, and free bonuses designed to help you attract higher quality traffic, convert more of them into leads and sales, and create long-term passive income.

Ask for feedback when you’re stuck.

Get answers for the questions holding you back.

Or like many members…you can be a fly on the wall…as you watch other people’s problems solved with simple step-by-step directions.

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