People watch over 1 BILLION hours of Youtube videos each and every day.

Youtube has more viewers age 18 to 49 than any cable network in the US.

And even 74.4% of Internet users over 65 watch Youtube videos as well.

How many of your potential buyers are viewing videos on Youtube right now?

And when they search your topic, are they finding you or the competition?

Many Youtube channels focus simply on attracting eyeballs, because they want a portion of the advertising revenues Youtube shares with content creators.

But that’s not the primary reason my clients use Youtube.

Instead, they’re focused on attracting buyers to their websites.

We track Youtube metrics like Overall Watch Time, Video Views, Likes, Shares, and New Subscribers to their Channel.

But the much more important stats are website buyers and lifetime customer value.

In the past week I’ve looked at spreadsheets from several clients who attract visitors from both Facebook and Youtube.

Youtube’s traffic had higher opt-in rates, higher sales rates, and was worth more to them overall.

That might not be the case in every business, but it was for these clients.

They create their videos with the end goal of producing more income from their website.

Would you like to discover the Youtube Buyer Attraction Formula?

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How to piggyback on popular videos and channels by getting your videos listed alongside them in the Related Videos section.

5 proven ways top channels attract more visitors, build their online authority, and turn them into subscribers and customers.

The single most important secret of turning Youtube viewers into buyers is knowing exactly when and how to add calls-to-action in your video (just adding a default call-to-action at the end is NOT the most effective method).

How to use Youtube Playlists to attract even more viewers, get higher search rankings, and build a stronger bond with your audience (are you taking advantage of this simple secret to multiply your reach)

What you must do in each video to grab attention in the first 5 to 10 seconds…and keep viewers interested throughout your video.

A step-by-step checklist for creating and uploading each new video is included on the last page of this month’s issue.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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