Many people will tell you how easy it is to get started online.

They’ll say, “Anyone can do it.”

I’ve even used that phrase before. I was a pizza delivery driver. Surely if I could do it, others could do it too.

But there are certain traits required to succeed online.

This came up recently inside the Monthly Mentor Club private discussion area.

One of the members had a few problems in his business which he solved, and he made this comment…

“But you know what? I realized my biggest problem wasn’t what happened, it was my warped expectations that threw me in a loop.

I got sold a dream and it’s costing me greatly.

Oh, you know the dream of the laptop-at-the-beach thing. They never told me about dealing with refunds, not selling, having to deal with customer service, constantly selling…”

Here’s a highlight of another member’s response in that post…

“I just commented to my husband the other day that if I knew at the start how much work this would take, I’m not sure I would have started in the first place.

But it’s SO worth it for the lifestyle, and the sense of accomplishment. I wouldn’t go back to a ‘real’ job for anything…

I think pure pig-headed stubbornness is an entrepreneur’s biggest asset.”

I love that last line.

Maybe we should change the statement “Anyone can do it” to…

Anyone can do it…as long as you have pure pig-headed stubbornness.

You will face challenges.

Customers may be difficult.

Technology will break.

And you might even think about giving up.

I’ve commented before that starting out where I did was an advantage in some ways.

I was desperate and didn’t feel like there was any other option.

Giving up didn’t cross my mind.

It’s not easy.

Nothing worth doing in life is.

But it is so worth it.

Are you willing to invest the next 12 months doing what others won’t so you can live the rest of your life in freedom others will never have?

And that’s not me suggesting you won’t have challenges after that.

Being an online entrepreneur is an adventure.

It’s exciting and fulfilling.

So many people cruise through life just taking what is given to them.

They’re reactive.

But you can chart your own path.

You an determine your own destiny.

It’s not going to be easy, but it is so worth it.

And you don’t have to go it alone.

You can access my best training each-and-every month inside the Monthly Mentor Club.

Not only do you get access to new issues each month and all the detailed reports currently available, you also can get help in the private discussion group from other members and me. We’ll help you overcome problems you may encounter along the way.

I can’t promise you an easy journey.

What I can promise you is an adventure along with support and help from others who’ve already traveled this road before you

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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