Often we’re told to give away our absolute best content.

You could even call it a mantra in marketing and blogging circles today.

“Give away content.”

It’s presented as a cure-all to what ails you.

But is that statement really any better than the other big cliche, “just take action.”

Just taking action doesn’t solve anything unless you take the RIGHT actions.

Running in circles is taking action.  But it’s not going to get you any closer to the finish line.

It’s just going to get you sweaty and tired.

Randomly throwing out content isn’t going to do much for you either.

There has to be a strategy behind the content you share.

And more than that…the content has to be entertaining.

People won’t pay attention to even the best information if it’s dry and boring.

We’re all OVERWHELMED with content today.

You can access loads of content with the push of a button at any search engine.

Content alone doesn’t hold attention and definitely doesn’t make sales.

What people crave today is infotainment.

It’s actionable information that’s entertaining in its delivery.

If you’re great at one liners and humor, then use that gift.

But if you’re an average mortal like the rest of us, the secret is telling stories.

Stories can bypass the natural resistance of your readers and implant your message directly into their hearts.

I remember back to the first time I taught marketing to an audience.

It was a Ron Legrand conference about internet marketing.

He put me on stage and I did a massive brain dump of everything I knew for 4 hours.

My hands were shaking from nerves the whole time.

While some loved all the information I shared, others had that look of a deer caught in the headlights.

They didn’t have a clue what was going on!

At the end of the presentation, Ron Legrand told me, “You don’t have to be funny to speak.  You only have to be funny if you want to get paid.”

That’s where stories come in.  They can bridge the gap for you.

You don’t have to use stories to share information.

You only have to use stories if you want to get paid.

Your subscribers can access content from a multitude of places.

You have to establish a connection with them.

Yesterday I spent 90 minutes sharing how to earn money-on-demand with email even if you’re not a natural writer and storytelling doesn’t come easily to you.

It wasn’t natural for me at all!

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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