“Without consultation, plans are frustrated, But with many counselors they succeed.”
Proverbs 15:22, NASB

I have a stack of books in my ‘soon-to-be-read’ pile in my office.

No matter how many books I read, this stack never seems to get any smaller.

There is always another book I want…or one that I want to reread that gets added back to the pile.

In addition, there are usually one or two online courses I have on deck to go through.

Learning never stops. The older I get the and the longer I am in business, the more I realize I still don’t have it all together.

Just one new insight can multiply your results.

I’ve seen it happen for me multiple times.

Sometimes it was a business or mastermind partner who gave a suggestion.

Other times it was a consultant or coach I specifically hired to help me.

For example, one time John Carlton suggested a small headline change on one my websites and that alone was worth an extra $3,000 a month. An extra 3k a month adds up fast!

What if I had been put off by John’s fee?

I would have lost out on a lot of profits. And I would have missed out on everything else he shared with me as well.

Online business can be an isolating experience. Those around you rarely understand the challenges you face or the lifestyle you’re after.

Don’t walk it alone.

I work personally coach a limited number of clients, and the majority stay with me for a long time.

Several have been with me for over 10 years.

That’s why I only open up new coaching slots once or twice a year.

I will be accepting a few new clients on Monday, June 14th.

So, if you’re interested in customized and personalized help with your business, your funnels, or your systems…make sure you’re on my waiting list to get notified as soon as my coaching is available on Monday.

Here are few things my clients have said about me…
Terry Dean’s coaching was fundamental to my business success. I quit my job last month and I’m now living from my online business full-time. And I’m loving it. During my first month after leaving my previous career I almost reached 6 figures.” – Marcelo Perlingeiro

We more than doubled revenues and the team has grown from 2 to 5 people…I used to work around 70 hours a week, now it’s down to 35 to 40…” – Florian Meier

Over the past 8 months – Terry’s input has taken my business from an average profit of $7000 per month to over $35,000 per month.” – Paul Wright

You can see a lot more along with my coaching options and pricing on the coaching page.

Click here to find out full details and enter your name and email to be notified on Monday when coaching is available…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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