I’ve seen a lot of gurus come and go over the years.

They sometimes seem to appear out of nowhere with a huge launch.

Everyone starts talking about them.

And they often disappear just as quickly.

Of course they didn’t come out nowhere. They were laboring behind the scenes, making connections with influencers, and coming up with a promotion that could capture the attention of a hungry audience.

The million-dollar question is, “How can someone create a promotion that earns six or even seven figures in a short period, but they simply can’t sustain it?

Not long after their big haul, they’re desperately trying to keep up with their mortgage payments.

Eventually it all falls apart.

The truth is they never had a business.

They just had one good promo. Maybe they developed a few good promos.

But they quickly burned out the audience available to them through their connections.

It’s a dirty little secret most people don’t like to talk about, but in a few cases they didn’t even pay all their affiliates.

That’s a quick way to burn those bridges and starve their future opportunities.

Product launches can give an awesome boost to your business.

But where do you go next?

Jumping from one launch to the next would be way too stressful for me.

Instead, why not treat your buyers like gold?

Deliver value consistently.

Help them solve their desperate problems.

And present them with additional opportunities to buy.

The smart marketers I know don’t look at the first sale as their ‘profits.’

Instead, the goal of the first sale is simply to attract a buyer.

If the first sale pays for their advertising, great. That’s awesome, because it means you’ve just picked up a new buyer with no out-of-pocket costs. You’re even…and every additional sale in the future is pure profit.

The clients spending the most on traffic and growing the fastest are often happy only getting around 70% to 80% of their advertising money back in the first sales sequence.

Imagine spending a dollar and only getting 75 cents back each time. But they’re ecstatic with these numbers, because they have so many additional profit plug-ins on down the line.

They earn money from all the additional products they offer.

They give buyers an opportunity for personal help or support with high ticket services.

They offer a monthly continuity that pretty much pays all their overhead and personal bills all by itself.

And they partner with others who have related products and services for a share of the profits.

Wealth is an income stream.

And happy customers are the ultimate income stream.

Stay focused on the pulse of your best buyers. Ask them about frustrations and obstacles they’re facing.

And continue delivering products and services that deliver what they want to buy.

That’s one of the reasons I focus so much on the Monthly Mentor Club.

Many of my members comment on how I seem to know what problems they’re facing each month.

I’m not psychic. It just seems like it because I’m continually helping my one-on-one clients and listening to my members.

Each month you’ll receive solutions based on the problems you’re currently facing.

Find out more about all the benefits of the Monthly Mentor Club here…

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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