A common question I get asked is how to attract premium consulting or coaching clients…especially when you’re just starting out.

I’ve been coaching clients one-on-one for 10 years now, and the majority of my clients graduate up through my courses and products into coaching.

They join my list. Get my emails. Purchase a product or two. Join my Monthly Mentor Club and get the print issues each month.

When spots open up once or twice a year, there are always hungry clients waiting to grab them.

Not every client takes this path, but the vast majority do.

There are a few clients who have never purchased any other product from me when they become a client.

But they will still a part of this list and got attached to my message and methods here first.

Over the past decade there have only been a few clients who slipped through the system and joined my coaching even though they hadn’t been indoctrinated with my methods yet.

Perhaps they stumbled upon my coaching page at just the right moment or they joined my list right before I accepted new clients and didn’t get a chance to plug-in to my systems yet.

They were difficult clients, because they weren’t ‘sold’ on my methods yet. And it’s NO FUN having to convince a client to implement. I love clients who are ready and willing to multiply their profits fast.

Obviously I would suggest the same game plan to you for attracting clients.

Start an email list.

Send out regular emails.

Publish low end products such as a book (which is great for credibility and authority).

And one of the best client attraction products of all is a monthly membership or print newsletter. Coaching becomes an upgrade for the VIP clients most serious about their success.

Of course, all that requires keeping an eye on the long game.

What if you want clients FAST?

Find a way to tap into someone else’s already established audience.

Find your unique positioning and then create ‘pillar’ content that demonstrates your methods.

A case study of results you’ve either produced for yourself or a client is perfect for this. A good case study not only includes proof, but it also gives an insight to the methods used. It provides value while establishing your credibility.

There are multiple ways you can use content to tap into other people’s audiences.

You could write guest blog posts for popular blogs in your market.

You could contact podcasts as a potential guest expert on your topic.

You could become a guest speaker on your topic at Meetup groups and other events.

You could start participating in forums or groups that are either free or part of a membership by helping answer user’s questions (make sure you’re plugged into the methods the host teaches and uses).

Give away a valuable Lead Magnet for people to join your list.

The call-to-action on each of the emails you send your list can be for a free coaching call until you have other products or a membership to offer.

Don’t make it a sales call. Instead, help them come up with a step-by-step plan and offer your consulting/coaching as a way to put the details of the plan into action.

You’re following the same basic model as the ‘long game’, but you’re condensing the system to deliver your value to a hungry audience faster.

If you’d like even more details about how to create websites that attract clients, choose the right traffic sources for you, and grow your business online…check out the Monthly Mentor Club.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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