Coming up with ideas for emails is easy.

You’re surrounded by ideas.

Every interaction with a customer or client is the potential for an email.

Every email you receive from a prospect can be a chance to riff on your subject.

Every trip to the store, restaurant, or any other location can create fodder for your emails.

Instead of just speeding through your day like the rest of the world, stop a moment and listen. Take in the sights and sounds. Be.

There are stories and lessons all around you.

Visit forums and Facebook groups. Add Linkedin groups if you’re in B2B. What questions are being asked? What keeps coming up?

Any question has the potential for being an email you send to your list. If people in your market are asking it, then so are your subscribers.

Go through some of the top selling books in Amazon on your topic. Use the “Search Inside” feature to check out the table of contents.

There’s a whole bunch of ideas right there.

Scan the reviews. Why do people say they like the book? What do the negative reviews say it’s missing?

The ideas just won’t stop coming!

Visit Youtube. Do a search on your subject. What are the video topics with the most views?

Check out Buzzsumo. Try typing a couple of different keyword phrases about your topic. You’ll see some of the most popular content shared on social media.

These methods are letting you see what the market is interested in.

Now let’s dig into some additional ideas.

What does a prospect need to know to make a quality buying decision for your product or service?

They need to know if they have a problem you can solve. Write emails about different problems you or your clients have faced and overcome.

They need to know if it will work for them. Demonstrate results. Share case studies and examples.

What questions would they ask if you were selling to them face-to-face?

All the answers to those questions are potential email topics.

Use a notebook or a note taking app. Create lists of ideas.

Every email is a potential profit center.

And there’s no reason why you ever have to run out of ideas.

If you want to produce maximum value out of all those ideas, check out Autoresponder Alchemy.

You’ll turn these ideas into emails that sell without selling.

And you’ll also be given the confidence to know you’re in control of your fate from this day forward.

Being able to write emails that create income-at-will almost feels like a super power at times.

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