Many of my clients are kicking butt on Facebook and Youtube.

Those two sites have quickly become two of my favorite sources of paid advertising.

But it’s tough to cut through the noise on both of them.

There’s a secret to effective advertising, especially on these platforms.

Gary Bencivenga, often called the world’s greatest living copywriter, has said that one of the secrets of advertising is, “Make your advertising itself valuable.”

Your prospects see thousands of ad messages a day.

What will make yours stand out? And even more importantly, get them to read it or watch it?

What if you could make your ad so valuable they save a copy of it and refer back to it?

David Ogilvy had an ad with the headline, “How to Create Advertising That Sells.”

It started with one paragraph of credibility about the $1,480,000,000 in advertising his company had managed.

The majority of the ad shared 38 advertising tips. And in last few paragraphs he mentioned that these tips were just a portion of what he knew. Only his clients got the full body of knowledge for their specific market.

It didn’t even have a call-to-action, but it was so useful I could imagine ad managers around the country ripped it out and saved it. And it’s likely they would have even been sharing it with their friends.

That’s the key phrase for Facebook.

Create ads your audience will want to share!

Get this right and the numbers can be crazy at times.

A client recently showed me a Facebook ad with a Relevance of 10, an overall CTR of 19.05%, and a link CTR of 10.3% (overall clicks includes likes, shares, etc. in addition to website clicks).

It only cost 3 cents per visitor to their website from paid Facebook ads!

That’s not normal by any means, but I’m seeing a lot of exciting results from clients in all different markets.

We test different approaches and ideas, but all the winners come from asking that question, “What ad will my audience want to share?”

The above was a website clicks ad on Facebook.

Many clients have been running video ads as well with the same concept. Give something valuable away in a short video and then call them to action on the website.

It works on Facebook and it’s definitely working on Youtube.

What one piece of valuable information could you give away that would build your credibility and make your audience curious to know more?

Or what demonstration could you show for your product that makes viewers want to share your ad with their friends?

We used to run ads that brought people to a squeeze page where we promised something of value when you join our list.

Now we’ve added one additional step in front of this. Give value upfront. The ad itself has to be something they would share.

Then tease them into the next step of getting on your list.

Once they’re on your list, the process continues. Send advertising that’s valuable.

Give away tips. Get your subscribers excited about the possibilities. And make more sales.

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