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You may have noticed I’ve changed my shopping cart, affiliate system, and course delivery over to Thrivecart recently.

I used 1ShoppingCart for two decades.

They were a good tool, but they haven’t kept up with online trends.

For example, you can’t make many modifications to their order forms and they aren’t mobile responsive.

Thrivecart solves these problems and they’ve also simplified my course delivery.

Here are a few of the reasons why I chose Thrivecart…

Flexible Order Forms

It’s easy to modify your order forms. Repeat your core offer. Add your logo, testimonials, and product images.

Ask for as much or as little info as you want. For example, you could ask for the email address only in the first step…so you could follow-up on those who don’t finish checking out.

You can also create pop-up or embeddable order forms to plug into your current sales pages.

Easy Course Delivery

Thrivecart has a built-in course delivery platform called Learn. There is also an upgraded version with even more features called Learn+.

I’ve been moving my courses over to this system with the goal of providing one simple login to all my courses at

This is more convenient for customers and for us.

Note: Video hosting is not included. You need to host your videos somewhere else such as Vimeo and embed them inside the Learn platform. The same is true for downloads as well.

Easy Email Integration

It directly integrates with Aweber, along with several other email providers.

This means buyers can be automatically added to buyers lists and can be tagged with their purchases.

Built-in Affiliate System

Their Pro upgrade includes a multi-featured affiliate center. Affiliates can promote any or all of your products. You can set custom commissions for individual affiliates if you choose. And affiliates can even set their own tracking codes to judge the results of their promotions.

You can also set-up JV contracts for product partners or affiliate managers so they get a share of all sales from specific products.

There are also multiple options for affiliate payments…including automatic Paypal payments and clawbacks for refunds.

Order Processing

Take orders with Stripe, Paypal, and/or (for integration with merchant accounts).

Who should use Thrivecart and Who Shouldn’t…

Now that I’ve used it for several months, I feel more comfortable saying who it is for and who it is not for.

I have clients who use a variety of carts. There are a LOT of good ones out there!

Thrivecart is a good fit for digital product sellers who want a good order system, built-in affiliate management, and course delivery.

I wouldn’t recommend it for ecommerce products. Shopify or Woocommerce would be a better choice.

It has a ‘page builder’ which works well for order forms or simple upsell/downsell pages, but I wouldn’t recommend it as the primary tool you use to build your sales pages. It’s a little limited for that.
Thrivecart is especially good for those who don’t want to pay monthly fees.

Because it’s a one-time fee.

This means you will save money using it.

If you plan to promote through affiliates, you will need the additional Pro upgrade (which is also a one-time fee mentioned on the order page). Basic Learn is included, but Learn+ also has an additional one-time fee if you want the advanced features such as your own custom domain for course delivery.

Find out if Thrivecart is a good fit for you here…

The above links are affiliate links.

Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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