Here’s a question that recently came in…

“I don’t have my own infoproduct/course or coaching program yet. So does your course help with affiliate marketing? I’d make sure to choose only good products after extensive research…I’m presently stuck between freelance B2B Cold Email marketing for agencies, Email Copywriting for companies, and Email Affiliate Marketing. Just confused where to start. Any advice?”

Autoresponder Alchemy is the ‘course’ being referred to in the question.

It’s a great question and I’m sure some subscribers have a similar question.

Let’s handle the affiliate marketing question first.

Yes, Autoresponder Alchemy will help with affiliate marketing.

It doesn’t focus on it specifically.

It has a stronger focus on course and coaching, since that is what I personally do and what many of my one-on-one clients do as well.

But an affiliate should apply the exact same email techniques to build their relationship with their list and maximize their income.

It’s even more important that you become a trusted advisor to your list when you’re promoting other people’s products or services.

Your endorsement needs to carry weight. Or else why should your subscribers listen to you at all?

You can even run money-on-demand specials for affiliate products. For example, you can participate when the merchant runs a sale and use the deadlines they set.

Or you can create your own ‘limited-term special’ by adding a bonus gift to anyone who buys through your link during a specific period. I’ve run a live webinar before where I’ve helped and provided additional tips to customers who purchased through my affiliate link during the special period. When you’re done, you then have a recorded webinar you could use as a bonus in the future also.

Many affiliates have used my step-by-step email system to grow their profits…along with those in ecommerce, consulting, and even local services.

Now onto the second question…

My course does not cover B2B Cold Email marketing for agencies. In the US, you are allowed to send out direct email messages to business owners…and it’s a common strategy for generating business (I can’t comment on the rules for this in other countries).

It’s a tough way to prospect since the vast majority will ignore cold contact, so I’d only choose that route if you already have a connection with someone who has an amazing higher ticket service offer that’s a good fit for a specialized business audience.

My course can help with email copywriting for companies or email affiliate marketing. It doesn’t teach about getting clients for copywriters, but the strategies you’ll learn will help with the writing itself.

I could see someone who wants to specialize with email going down both these routes.

You can start earning money faster by writing emails for companies.

The email affiliate model will have a slower burn. You have to build up your list. You have to communicate consistently. You’re only going to see a few sales when your list is tiny.

But over time you’re likely to discover what many copywriters do…that the best client is yourself.

Writing copy for others is a great way to generate income, but it also means you have several ‘bosses’ now…and email is not the only component to success in their businesses.

When you’ve built your own business as an affiliate, it’s your business that you control.

Sure, you might lose a specific vendor, but you can always promote something else to the subscribers you’ve built a relationship with.

As I said, I could see someone implementing both in the beginning where they take on some email copy clients while they’re building up their own list for affiliate sales.

Check out Autoresponder Alchemy to see the step-by-step systems I recommend for earning more from every email you send…

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