I get affiliate checks today from things I promoted YEARS ago.

That’s true passive income.

And I have written past Monthly Mentor Club issues about earning money as an affiliate.

But I don’t often talk about affiliate marketing.

It’s a mistake to think of yourself as an ‘affiliate.’

It’s a limiting belief.

It will cause you to make bad decisions that destroy the long-term equity in your business.

For example, you might run ads that send people directly to the affiliate product.

Great for the merchant you’re promoting. They earn a profit whether your ads work or not.

You’re the one stuck holding the bill if the ads don’t perform well.

You’re working your butt off making someone else rich.

Think of yourself as a publisher instead.

Affiliate marketing is just one way you monetize your platform.

Your platform starts with your message and what makes it different from others.

Maybe you publish a Youtube channel. Or it could be a podcast. Or you write a blog, run a Facebook group, or build an Instagram account.

You’re providing infotainment and building an audience.

It’s not the merchant’s audience or message you’re promoting.

It’s your own audience.

If you’re smart, at the same time, you’ll be giving lead magnets to get people off that platform and on your own email list.

Many people find out too late why it’s a mistake to rely only on your Youtube channel. Youtube changes the rules and enforces them on previous content. Overnight your revenue is gone.

Use social media. Combine it with your list.

This applies to anything you’re doing, whether paid advertising or free.

Use the channel you’ve built and your email list to promote relevant affiliate products…creating multiple streams of income.

That’s why I don’t talk much about affiliate marketing.

You’re not an affiliate.

You’re a publisher with a channel of some type plus an email list.

And while many publishers start out promoting affiliate products, they often transition to creating or sourcing their own products.

They’ve already built the audience and the list!

They can survey their audience to find out what they want to buy…put together a step-by-step system to help them get there…and launch it to their list for income even before they create the product.

There’s a special report inside the Monthly Mentor Club giving full details on the ‘affiliate publisher’ model.

It’s called “Affiliate Income: 7 Step Affiliate Income Business Model for Brand New Online Marketers.”

You’ll find it inside the Report Library section of the Monthly Mentor Club.

And of course, this is just one report out of dozens of special reports designed to help you find your message, attract targeted buying traffic, build your list, and create financial freedom online.

You get them all now…along with my personal help…in the Monthly Mentor Club.

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