I don’t talk a lot about web design, but it is an important factor in your website conversion.

It costs you sales If your website looks unprofessional or is confusing to navigate.

Your brand matters.

That doesn’t mean you need cutting-edge design.

And it most definitely doesn’t mean ‘fancy’.

That can be a distraction.

But a good-looking design that emphasizes the most important elements of your copy can increase your sales…sometimes dramatically.

Some of my clients use design tools like Clickfunnels, Optimizepress, or others.

Other clients have a web designer they rely on.

A great designer who understands direct response is valuable.

They’ll make your copy look great. You can tell them who the audience is and what emotions you want them to feel, and they make it happen.

They create a beautiful website. It’s beyond what you imagined because they combined direct response knowledge with amazing talent.

They multiply your sales.

They don’t even have to fully understand direct response.

They just an attitude where they aim to please and listen to your instructions.

There have been times where a client has recorded a call and we gave specific directions on the call for what we wanted on the website. The designer does it. We might request a few edits. And it’s ready-to-go.

But there is another kind of designer that’s dangerous to your business.

They believe design is king.

They think they know better than you.

They rearrange all your copy.

They shorten and neuter your headlines.

They have a template in mind for the website and they cut any piece of copy that doesn’t fit into their limited design.

Sure, they create a gorgeous website.

They might even win an award.

But the goal isn’t to get compliments on how good your website looks.

It’s to get sales.

How do you know which type of designer you’re dealing with before you hire them?

Look at their portfolio.

A great designer doesn’t have to be a good copywriter…as long as they don’t change what’s written. So, the websites in their portfolio may not have great copy, but you should see the headlines, main copy elements, and sales videos emphasized.

Show them a few examples of high converting websites you like. Ask them what they think about these sites.

And by the way, clients are often looking for designers. If you’re a designer who understands how to combine direct response with great looking design, hit reply on this email and let me know.

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