A virus shut down businesses around the world for several months.

This was devastating to brick-and mortar businesses.

And even some online businesses have suffered…especially those in travel or who sell to local businesses who were shut down.

But the majority of online businesses have continued to profit.

In fact, many have become much more profitable!

People have been spending more time online. And lower ad costs on Facebook and others have helped as well.

And while many shoppers may return to local stores, there will be people continue the habit of buying more online.

Are you getting your message in front of them?

Here’s a testimonial one of my clients sent to me a few weeks ago…

Terry Dean’s coaching was fundamental to my business success. I quit my job last month and I’m now living from my online business full-time. And I’m loving it. During my first month after leaving my previous career I almost reached 6 figures. Terry’s experience and support saved me years of making mistakes and thousands of dollars in the process. I can’t wait to see what it’s in store for me in the next year.” – Marcelo Perlingeiro

I’m excited to see the growth of his business over the coming years.

In the subject line, I asked a question of whether online business is immune to crisis?

The recent crisis has increased the profits of many online businesses.

But the answer is NO. Online business is not immune to crisis.

Hackers could bring down not only an individual website but entire networks at a time.

There are risks of being shut down by ad networks, merchant accounts, etc.

Here in Florida, losing communication during hurricanes is always a possibility.

But there are a lot of advantages to a small, kitchen-table based business where you’re able to pivot quickly if needed.

Low overhead. Bigger margins. And if you understand the value of serving and regularly communicating with a buying audience by email, you can virtually write your own ticket online.

But you have to avoid distraction.

Find your mission and your message.

Stay on mission no matter what goes on around you.

Serve your audience.

Here are two ways you can get my help…

My one-on-one coaching is currently booked.

The next time I’ll open for new clients will likely be late summer/early fall. That will be the last set of clients at current prices. Prices will be raised for new clients after this next group.

You can join the waiting list here…

If private coaching is out of your budget, then check out the Monthly Mentor Club.

You get my best training monthly plus a load of bonuses just for giving it a try. And you can also get my feedback in the discussion group and monthly webinars.


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