I love the online infopublishing business.

But it’s not as easy as gurus often make it out to be.

You’re not going to just create a product, set-up a website, and start raking in cash.

Paid advertising is expensive. And you have to optimize your market, message, and offer. You’ll to do a lot of tweaking in the beginning. And you’ll reinvest your initial profits back into more advertising.

It takes time to build an audience from free content such as a Youtube channel, podcast, or blog.

And while joint ventures are awesome, it’s tough for someone starting out who doesn’t have connections or a proven offer yet.

Don’t get me wrong. This is an incredible business, but you will invest time and money getting it off the ground.

What if there was a faster way to get into profit?

The secret is turning your funnel upside-down.

The traditional infoproduct model starts with a product under $99 for the masses (often $49 or less).

A portion of your customers purchase your upsells for additional profits.

An even smaller percentage takes advantage of your higher ticket backend.

This is the 80/20 rule at work. Over 80% of your profits come from 20% of your customers who buy more.

When you flip the funnel upside-down, you go after a smaller group of high-value buyers first.

Targeting more affluent customers first gives several advantages.

Instead of writing a long copy website to sell your product, you go with a shorter page or video inviting people to fill out an application and get on the phone with you.

You’ll get to know your ideal clients based on their own words…their wants, hopes, and fears.

This makes it so much easier to speak to them through websites, emails, and social media.

You get to test options for your offers with real customers.

And here’s the big winner.

You earn more from each customer in the beginning…getting into profit faster!

You could overpay for leads and have a low closing rate…and still earn money.

You can win even with bad numbers!

You’re not limited to just paid advertising either.

When you only need a small number of buyers to be profitable, there are free and nearly free ways to attract those first clients.

Profit first.

Create the rest of the funnel in reverse…going for a mass audience later after you’ve already proven the model and fully understand your ideal clients.

The June issue of the Monthly Mentor Club gives this upside-down model…and outlines who it is for and who it is not for.

What does the upside-down funnel look like…and what are the secrets to attracting high-value clients upfront?

How do you attract qualified leads and sell more of them consistently?

And how do you package a premium offer…even and especially if you’re just starting out?

Find out all this and more in the upcoming issue of the Monthly Mentor Club…going to print & mail for all members on June 1st.

Plus, you get all the additional special reports inside the Club…plus the monthly group webinar…and the members-only discussion group where you can get advice directly from me and other members.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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