buying your stuffYou know what hurts?  You slave away for days or even weeks to put together the “perfect” product, and then it launches.

You make some sales to your faithful few, but there isn’t any big fanfare.   People aren’t jumping out of the woodwork to buy this new product.

And you had such high hopes for it.  You did all your keyword research to find out what people are looking for.  And perhaps you even did a survey of your audience to find out exactly what they want to buy.  They told you in detail what they were looking for.  And some purchased all right, but the majority didn’t.

What happened?  Why aren’t people beating down your door to get the benefits you offer?

I’ve been there, done that, and bought the T-Shirt.  While I’ve had some wildly successful products, I’ve had a few duds as well.  We just don’t like to talk about those very much!

So what happened?  The bottom line problem almost always comes back to your audience and your offer.  Even the best copy won’t sell a product people don’t want to buy.

What’s the best way to determine what people want to buy?

Find out what they’re already buying.  Just because someone is searching for a subject on Google doesn’t mean they’re willing to spend money on it.

You can check the Adwords PPC estimates to get an idea of people are spending money in the subject, because generally advertisers try to at least break even off their advertising.

And you can run a survey to your audience which lets you know what they’re thinking about, but even that doesn’t really tell you if they will spend their own hard earned money on it.

Combine the above strategies and ALSO look at what people are ALREADY buying?

If people aren’t buying what you offer, find out what they are buying.  They’re buying something.

Hop over to Amazon and check out their best sellers –

You can then dig down until you find the market you’re in to see what others are buying.  If you sell information products for example, click on books…and then choose your category such as “Parenting and Relationships.”

Not only does Amazon show you what people are buying, but you can read reviews of what they think about it!  It’s a resource you’re likely not using nearly as much as you should.

You can also check out what people are buying over in the Clickbank marketplace and in Commission Junction’s affiliate programs.  Clickbank will show you the gravity score which lets you know if a lot of affiliates are making sales of a specific product.  And Commission Junction will show you the EPC or how much people are earning per 100 visitors they send to the affiliate site.

You could even grab a few magazines off the newsstand for your subject to see what headlines they’re running on their front covers.  They sell off the newsstands because of their front cover headlines.  What jumps out at you?  What are they writing about?  What is causing your market to buy?

Here’s the rule you’re looking for.  What are people ALREADY spending their money on, and how can you improve on it?

How can you deliver the end results they’re looking for faster, easier, or most cost effectively than the current options?

There’s no way to guarantee the results of a single project, but keeping an eye on what people are buying already is one of the best ways to make sure you’re on the right road.

And if you’re serious about building your own online Information Empire, then check out where we share step-by-step how to find a market, create your product, and start selling it online with detailed checklists for each of the steps.

Listen as each of us become your advocate to make sure what is being shared will work for you…no matter your background or current experience.

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