Last week I sent a message about some of my favorite plugins including one called Wp-DB-Backup that backs up your WordPress database.

Several subscribers emailed me about the problem of including this plugin without giving full details about it.  They’re right.

It only backs up your database.  It doesn’t back up your images, your theme modifications, and anything else to do with your blog.

If your blog were to get wiped out, all the database would give you is the actual text you wrote.  That’s the most important element of course, but you’d still have a ton of work to put everything else back together.

Don’t blog naked.  You could lose years of hard work.  Back everything up!

While there are plugins that do a full back-up of your blog, I’ve never been happy with any of them.  I back up the database frequently, but I also do full manual backups of my sites.

You can do this in a couple of ways.  On most web hosts, you have a cpanel or another hosting management solution.  In Cpanel, there is a button called simply enough, “backup.”  Use that button.  Have it generate a full back-up of your website and everything on it.  Then download that back-up to your computer.

Or you could also use any FTP program you may currently use, and simply copy your entire site to a folder on your hard drive as well.

Now you have a local copy of your site.  Shouldn’t your web host be making back-ups of your site for you?  Yes, they should.  But you need to ask them specifically how, when, and what they back-up.   You might be surprised.  If they only keep one back-up, what if that back-up occurred after your site got infected.  That’s no good.

What if they only back-up a portion of your site?  Then you’re screwed as well if there’s a problem.  And you might find some hosts aren’t even willing to reload their back-up for you!

If you have any trouble, ask your web hosting support the best way to do a full back-up of your site.   There are also solutions for backing up your site to another online service.

While you’re backing up your site, don’t forget to back-up your personal computer also!

If you run an online business, that thing is your livelihood.  With external hard drives, it makes ZERO sense not to back-up everything on your computer regularly.  You can get 1 TB or more for $100 or less.  For most of these hard drives, your computer will even ask you if you want to setup a back-up the first time you plug them in.

If you want to make an online back-up of your computer, you can use a system such as in addition to the above.

Whatever you do, back everything up before a disaster happens.  That’s something I’ve learned through experience after creating my Internet Lifestyle for 16 years online.

Too many website owners are only thinking of today or their next score.  They’re not building a long-term Internet Empire that lasts years and even decades online.

If you’d like to learn how to do that…how you can build relationships and an enduring online brand that keeps growing every year online…check out the Monthly Mentor Club.  The issue coming out this week is all about how to make money long-term as it consistently grows for you.

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