Not too long ago a customer told me that the new squeeze page he put up hadn’t generated a single new subscriber in 2 weeks.  Obviously, he wanted to know what in the world he did wrong…

Did he get the headline wrong?  Did the bullets turn people off?  Was it the design?

My immediate action was to go to his site and put my email address in the box.  Hit submit.  And there was the problem.  The form didn’t work.  He forgot to check it.

Why was my instinct correct?  Because I’ve made the same mistake before.

If there is a mistake to be made, I’ve probably made it at some point.

Let me tell you about a BIG mistake I made in front of a live audience with my own money on the line.

At the beginning of the conference I stood up in front of the audience and sent out an email to my list. We would count the sales that come in throughout the weekend.

This one didn’t go nearly as well as some of the others did.

By lunch, I had earned over $7,000, but I also had over 100 emails in my inbox.  One after another was telling me the website didn’t work.  They couldn’t assess it.

Immediately I wanted to blame my web host, but it wasn’t their fault.

I misspelled my own domain name!

The ones who ordered knew the correct spelling of my domain name and manually typed it in themselves to jump on the offer.

Of course I made sure everyone of those emails got answered asap.  And an apology email was sent to update them with the correct link.  It turned out well over the weekend, but it still didn’t hit anywhere near the biggest weekends.

I royally screwed up my email and still made a good profit for the weekend!

But why would so many people take the time to correct my mistake and order anyway?

Why were they jumping at the chance to order what was being offered?

  • Was it because of all the content I regularly sent out? 

I’m sure that had something to with it, but it wasn’t the real secret of why my audience was so attached and ready to buy when the time came.

  • Was it because the offer that weekend was so irresistible?

Again, that was part of the mix.  If the offer wasn’t benefit rich and targeted to what they were already wanting to buy, then they wouldn’t have been interested.  But this wasn’t the real secret behind all the  successful emails I sent.

  • Was it because my email was so entertaining and curiosity driven they had to find out more?

This is getting real close to the correct answer, but it’s not quite there yet.

There’s still one more missing ingredient that tied everything else together…and made all of those emails work consistently time after time.

All of the above were factors, but this secret is actually so life changing I can only reveal it in my Monthly Mentor Club.

This breakthrough is waiting for you in the March issue of the club.  It is being mailed out to subscribers tomorrow.  Subscribe to it today so you don’t miss out on what ties all the other principles together in one easy to use email profits system.

If you’re not earning what you desire from your emails, then you’ve missed this secret ingredient.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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