broke businessIn business, you can either make excuses or make money.  You can’t do both.

Here are 5 of the common excuses I hear as it relates to online businesses.

Excuse #1: “I don’t know what to write about.”

Maybe you don’t know what to write about, what to sell, or even what market you should be in.

The answer here is to make a choice…even if it is the wrong one.

This may not be comforting to you starting out, but every single article you write isn’t going to be a home run.  Neither is every product you offer.  And I’ve seen many people who tap into their most successful market later on…after they have experience in their initial one.

This is comforting to me personally because it takes the pressure off.  While you want to do your best every time, it’s not the “end.”

You will get better.  You will improve.  And what you create a year from now will be better than what you did yesterday.

Here’s the real problem with this excuse.  It gives you a reason to do nothing.

Get your butt moving.  If it’s writing that needs to be done, sit down and start writing something…anything.  Start writing about yesterday and then let it flow into something about your subject.

Get moving…and then get it right as you go.

Excuse #2: “I don’t have time.”

If you have two full-time jobs and already work 80 hours a week, then this may have some merit.  You’d have to outsource everything from day one, and it will be tough.

But for the majority, this doesn’t hold water.  You don’t have time to do EVERYTHING you want online.  But you have time to do something.

Turn off the TV.  Lose some sleep as you work into the night.  Get up early.

Do what it takes to get your business moving.  Everyone is excited about a 4 hour work week, but you don’t start there.  In fact, cutting your hours often takes a large time investment in the beginning as you create the systems to make it happen.

Excuse #3: “I can’t afford to advertise, setup a website, etc.”

Advertising an online business is down right cheap compared to a brick-and-mortar business.

Our overhead is miniscule, but there are some expenses.

You need to pay for web hosting.  You should pay for email list hosting.  You should invest in ongoing training for yourself.

This may mean cutbacks in your personal life to get it done.  How much is your success worth to you?  For me, I hate debt.  So back when I bought my first house, my wife and I cut back on just about everything because we had a goal to pay it off as fast as possible.

And the reward of being extremely thrifty that year was worth it.

Everything valuable in life has a cost connected to it.  What is it worth to you?

Excuse #4: “There is too much competition.”

That’s great news!  If there’s a ton of competition, it means people are buying things. The market is willing to exchange money for good value.

I get nervous when I find a market with almost no competition.  Most of the time, it means those who tried to succeed in the market already failed.

A competitive market just means you need to find the gap.  Find the opening.  Do your research and find out where the current offerings are meeting the desires of the market.

Or become more specialized than the competitors in one specific subject within your market.

Don’t run from the competition.  Face them and find where they’re lacking.

Excuse #5: “Big JV Partners Won’t Return My Emails”

So what?  That sounds pretty normal if you’re just starting out. And you don’t need them to get started.  Because “internet marketing” circles are so driven by the big product launch, people have gotten the concept this is the only way to market online.

It’s not.  Find your message.  Get clear on it.  And start sharing it.  Put up your blog and share content related to your subject.  Start growing your email list.  Use SEO, PPC, social media, and solo ads in emails to generate your first subscribers.
Contact smaller sites and affiliates to partner with you initially.  Write guest blog posts to start building a relationship with others in your market.  In other words, become a valuable resource first to the community.  Then grow from there.

If you’re tired of making excuses and you’re ready to grow your business, join the Monthly Mentor Club.

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