Do you ever wonder why some affiliates collect all the cash?

Sure, they have large, responsive lists.  That’s part of it.

But there’s something else.

Most affiliates take the easy route.

These “average” affiliates just run whatever emails they’re given.

It looks the same as everyone else.

Their emails get lost in a sea of mediocrity.

Affiliate Players write with their own unique spin.

No matter what they promote, it’s got their personality attached to it.

It could be the same exact promotion others are sending, but it looks unique…because it’s from them.

But that’s just the beginning.

They also improve the OFFER.

They look for any point where the offer is lacking.

If it’s an offer for a course on moving to Costa Rica, maybe it leaves out the fastest ways to learn Spanish.

The Affiliate Player puts together a quickie course on the 5 quickest ways to learn Spanish as a bonus.

If the affiliate offer is about raising children, maybe it doesn’t go deep enough on how to get straight A’s in school.

The smart affiliate will pinpoint these weaknesses, tell their audience about it, and then create a bonus that makes up for it.

Every other affiliate out there is raving about how awesome the product is.

You gave them the raw truth and let them know it was missing something!

You’re instantly more believable than the next guy.

You’re a straight shooter.

Of course you go beyond this, and don’t just leave them with an lacking product like every other affiliate is trying to promote.

You fill this gap in for them.  If your subscribers buy from you this week, all they have to do is send you over the receipt…and you’ll give them your special bonus.

You could sit down and write out all the information to fill in the gaps.

But that’s a lot of work!

It’s much easier to simply interview it out.  Collect an expert on the topic or a couple of experts.

You could even go back to the original product developer!

Fill-in-the-blanks of whatever’s missing in the primary product.

Give your bonus.  Tell your audience about the weakness and the solution.  Collect the BIG affiliate check.

You come out the hero of the story.  And all it took was a few hours getting the information together and doing the interview.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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