Have you ever watched Oprah, Barbara Walters, Larry King, Diane Sawyer, or any great interviewer?

They make it look easy.

And it is.

These professionals have a lot going for them.

You may not have their skills.  And you don’t have to.

You’re not trying to be a TV celebrity.

You just want to create a good information product with an expert.

Or you want to create content for your list.

Delivery does matter, but your fans are willing to overlook a few flaws if you give them the content they’re desperately craving for.

There is one requirement to doing good interviews.

It’s not your speaking ability.

It’s not your vocabulary.

And it’s not your knowledge of the subject.

You’re interviewing someone because they’re the expert.

Your knowledge can even get in the way.

I’ve heard way too many interviews where the person doing the interview won’t shut up and let their expert talk.

I’ve been the expert on a few of those interviews also!   They’re even less fun when you’re the expert.

But without this one trait, you’re dead in the water.

You have to be CURIOUS about the subject.

If you act like you already know it all, you step on the expert’s toes.  Or you never let them speak.

If you don’t care about the subject, it becomes a boring, lifeless husk of an interview.

Great interviewers give all their attention to their guest.  They make the guest feel like they’re the most important person in the world.  And they are at that moment.

You’re the advocate for your subscribers and customers.

What do they want to know?

What do they NEED to know?

You may go into the interview with a list of questions, but you can’t rely on it.

Otherwise your interview comes off as stilted.

You ask the question.  They give a response.  On to the next question.

That’s boring.

Listen to your guest instead.  Ask probing questions about the information they’re sharing.

Dig deeper into their stories.

Let your curiosity guide you.

The better you know your prospects and buyers, the easier it is to be the advocate for them.

What questions would they ask?

What roadblocks will they run into?

It’s amazing just how much information you can pull out when you’re driven by curiosity.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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