I love info products.

They’re perfect for living the Internet Lifestyle.

Create your product once.  Collect profits today, tomorrow, and into the future.

And the best part is, product creation is easy…when you do it right.

Here are a few options.

1. Write a step-by-step guide yourself.

What have you accomplished in your life that others want to learn?

A lot of people may answer, “Nothing.”

But there is ALWAYS something. You can’t tell me you’ve made it through life successfully till today and haven’t learned a thing.

That’s not even possible.

You have knowledge others desperately want running around in that noggin of yours.

Make a list of EVERYTHING you know.

This includes work related skills, education, hobbies, etc.

What subjects do friends ask you for advice on?

You have knowledge others are willing to pay for.

You just have to invest the time and effort it takes to get that knowledge out of you.

2. Outsource the product creation to someone else.

Hire someone from eLance or Odesk to create a product for you.

Three of my clients have paid ghostwriters to create full length books for them in the past year.

It’s not cheap, but in each case it has been worth it.

A 150 to 200 page book costs around two grand.

If you wanted a shorter product such as 30 page ebook, you’d be talking about more like $250 to $500.  This depends on the topic and expertise required.

Important: Make sure your writer is an expert on the topic.  Don’t be a cheapskate here.  Pay for quality work.

3. Interview an expert.

Of all the methods, this is the easiest one to get started.

In real estate, they talk about using other people’s money.

You can use other people’s knowledge.

And they’ll freely give it to you for your product.


It equals more exposure for their message.

As a condition of your interview, you will allow them to promote their product or service at the end.

This equals new customers for them.

You’d be shocked who might be up for an interview…if you approach them correctly.

It’s all about capturing their attention and making an enticing offer to them.

Your product could be as easy as a single interview with a well known expert.

Or you can collect a series of a dozen interviews together for a more complete product.

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Terry Dean
Terry Dean

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